‘Pink Champagne’ Clematis

‘Pink Champagne’ Clematis

May 20, 2014

‘Pink Champagne’ Clematis

    It’s as if Alex, Will’s girlfriend, had read my mind.  I have been wanting a clematis for awhile now, hesitating because I wasn’t sure where to plant it.  Alex surprised me with this Pink Champagne clematis for Mother’s Day.  Isn’t it funny how you find a place to plant a new plant when you are put on the spot?  It’s as if a special place just opens up for the new plant.

   Because the winter was so harsh this year, the hollyhocks, which reseed every year, did not do so well. A few came up and the late spring frost killed them.  This flower bed is on the southwest side of our home, and the bed still needed some height,  so the obvious decision was to add the trellis and clematis there.

   According to Monrovia, the clematis roots prefer a cool, shaded area, tops should be in the sun.  A planting of wave petunias around the base of the plant should give the roots the shade they need in a short time. 

   A regular watering schedule of once a week, during the first growing season, is recommended to establish a deep extensive root system. 

   The blossoms on this clematis are deep-pink and can be 6 – 8 inches across!  Looking forward to seeing those first buds…

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Planters of Color in My Garden

Planters of Color in My Garden

May 19, 2014

    Aidan and Sophia’s  ‘Mother’s Day’ gifts were beautiful tiny Minifamous  White Calibrachoa and red petunias.  The ‘calibrachoa’ and petunias were planted in this big pot, along with spikes, Cordyline (Dracaena) indivisa, and Speedwell, (commonly called Veronica), Royal Candles.

   The Speedwell, unlike the other plants which are annuals, is a perennial.  Not sure if it will winter over in the pot.  We will find out next spring.

   Hopefully, we don’t have another severe winter here in Kentucky, like last year.  Three of the Black Knight butterfly bushes did not make it this year.  We have had them in the garden for probably fifteen years.

   Hollyhocks, which usually reseed each year, did not make it, presumably because of this horrible past winter.

   My climbing rose bush took a massive hit this winter, too.  It seems the flowers and bushes on the southwest side of the house were damaged the most.  Usually, they are the most vigorous and prolific.

   Life goes on; I am enjoying the beautiful days spent in the garden.

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Easy Homemade Rolls and Honey Butter

May 16, 2014

   Easy Homemade Rolls and Honey Butter, doesn’t that sound delicious right now?  For years, I have had a Zojirushi Breadmaker in my home.  That machine is a miracle!  

    When my oldest daughter, who is now 36, was in junior high school, she complained to her class that I made homemade bread all of the time.  Yes, I am relatively sure, they were really sympathetic!

   The Zojirushi breadmaker is still operating and I assure you, it has been used extensively in our home over the years.  If you love homemade rolls and you don’t have a bread machine, you need one!  Amazon has several bread makers.  (We are an Amazon affiliate and will make a small percentage of a purchase from here, but it will not affect your cost.)

   Yesterday, I prepared the ingredients, which I have memorized, for butter-rich rolls, and turned the bread maker on, before retrieving Aidan from the school bus.

    Before we left, Sophie and I decided we were going to make honey butter, like O’Charley’s serves.  We looked up a recipe and found it was so simple, butter and honey mixed together.  What could be simpler than that?

    We retrieved a stick of ‘butter’, not margarine, from the refrigerator and left it on the counter to come to room temperature while we were gone.

    When we returned home and the bread maker was finishing up,  Sophie started stirring the stick of butter until it was creamy.  We added 1/4 cup of honey and blended completely.

    Yes, we could have whipped it with the mixer, but I didn’t feel it was necessary.  It was a simple task and Sophie enjoys stirring things together.   Who needs more of a mess anyway?

    Sophie and Aidan tasted it and Sophie felt it needed just a little more honey, so we added probably another teaspoon.  They both agreed it was perfect!

    Rolls, hot out of the oven, and that delectable honey butter we whipped up was absolutely heavenly!  I am sure we will have lots more of that in our home!  Easy Homemade Rolls and Honey Butter, is there anything better?

Easy Homemade Rolls and Honey Butter! on MyHumbleHomeandGarden.com
Easy Homemade Rolls and Honey Butter



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‘Roseum Elegans’ Rhododendron

May 14, 2014

   On the northeast corner of our home, we planted a ‘Roseum Elegans’ rhododendron.  It takes very little care, just watering in late summer if we haven’t had rain.

   This rhododendron is a vigorous-growing, medium-sized evergreen shrub, and is valued for its large trusses of rose-lilac flowers. It thrives in cooler regions and is an outstanding choice for foundation plantings or accent specimen.  it grows 6 to 8 feet tall and wide.

   Each year it seems to have more big, beautiful blossoms!

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Bathroom Towel Display

 May 13, 2014

   Isn’t this the neatest towel display?  This display was in our bathroom at the Beaufort Inn in Beaufort, South Carolina.    I don’t know about you, but their attention to little details impresses me.

    Seriously, I have never seen a towel displayed like this before.  The hand towel was folded to make a pocket and the washcloth was accordion pleated, folded in half and placed in the pocket.  How clever!

   This is my new way to display towels and washcloths in the guest bath in our home.

Towel Art
Towel Art in the South

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