Pink Dahlia Photo

July 19, 2014

   This is one of my latest photos from my garden.  I absolutely love this!  It rained most of the night, off and on, so there were plenty of raindrops on the flowers.  This dahlia was so interesting, it was just begging to be photographed.

   Taking pictures in the garden every morning has become a lovely habit for me.  It changes daily and you never know what is waiting for you there.

   Each day, after a series of photographs, it seems there is at least one that takes my breath away, as I pull them up on the computer.   Knowing that my skills are not all that great, I am humbled by the beauty of God’s incredible flowers.

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Seashell Frame and Watercolor

July 13, 2014

   Although it seems as if I have been doing nothing inside my home and concentrating solely on the garden, there are a few projects, which I have been working on inside as well. Being able to focus on the garden during the spring and summer just brings me joy!

   My favorite place in the world is the east coast beach and every time the opportunity arises, I collect seashells.  Believe it or not, two bathrooms in our home are a lovely ‘Reef Blue’, a Sherwin Williams paint color.  Seashells in glass containers decorate the bathrooms.

   Frames covered in seashells seem to be popular right now, so I purchased a bargain frame, thinking to paint it white.  It is a muted gold color.  

   Well, placing the seashells on the frame, I realized, white seashells don’t appeal to me so much.  The colors Dave and I have accumulated are blues, browns, golden, or maroon colored.  I decided to stick with the golden color on the frame.

   There seemed to be too many similar shapes and sizes of the shells we had and the layout was not coming together like I wanted so I purchased a bag of shells from ‘Michael’s’.  Adding the star shaped and conical shells immediately made creating a pleasing mix, much easier.

   As you can see in the picture, the top and bottom need some more work, but I am pleased with the way the sides look.  It just seems to need some more starfish, different shapes on the top and bottom… a work in progress.  Then I’ll add some small shells to fill in around the others.

   My intention is to paint a watercolor to place in the frame now.  This has been in my mind for some time now, hopefully, the end product is a good one.

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The Beautiful Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush

July 10, 2014

   The severe winter killed the ‘Black Knight’  butterfly bushes in the gardens. They had been growing in the garden for at least fifteen years!  

   Fortunately, this lavender butterfly bush came up on its own in one of the flower gardens.  It is amazing how quickly this plant grows from a tiny start to a six foot or more, bush.   This past week it started showing a lovely lavender color on the blossoms.        

   Although not as fragrant as the Black Knight, the smell is lovely but more than that it is a beacon for butterflies.

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Banana Peel for Your Roses

July 8, 2014


   On Pinterest, a pinner reported that cutting up a banana peel and tossing it at the base of your rose bushes was good for your roses.  Since they decompose rapidly, banana peels quickly release beneficial minerals such as potassium, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, trace elements and phosphates into the soil for roses to enjoy. While bananas don’t supply everything the roses in your garden need for beauty and good health, the nutrients they do supply are an excellent supplement. 

   It’s such an easy thing to do, so I have started this practice in my own garden.  My roses do look very healthy and seem to be blooming really well.  

   As you can see, this hybrid tea, ‘Love’ looks exceptionally beautiful.


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‘Radtkopink’ – Double Knock Out Rose

July 7, 2014


   ‘Radtkopink’ is a Double Knock Out Rose, which has classic shaped flower blooms from early spring to frost.  It has a superior drought tolerance once established, which is great in our Northern Kentucky area.  

   This plant has been in my garden for about three years now.  The blooms are just beautiful, as you can see.  It needs little care.  We cut it back to about 12″ – 18″ above the ground in early spring, after the last hard frost.

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