Christmas Dessert Contest

December 17, 2014

   This year, the theme for our annual dessert contest is ‘Santa’.  The desserts have to represent ‘Santa’ in some way.  When this idea was first conceived, I searched the internet for judging criteria and the categories in the card above were the end result.   Each dessert is assigned a number and a card is placed by the dessert.     We give a scoring card and a pen to everyone at the party, from the oldest adult to the youngest child.  They each taste the dessert and then score.  

   My oldest son, Jon-Michael, tallies the votes and announces the winners.

   We are not sticklers on the scoring.  Last year, some of the kids gave scores of 10,000 to their favorite desserts!  There was a lot of laughter and giggling.  It is all in fun!  The adults follow the rules a little better.

   A prize is awarded to the top three winners, and each prize has something to do with desserts,  the tasting party serving glasses from Pier 1 Imports, Wilton decorating items, cookie cutters, etc.

   The rule is, the dish has to be one bite or at least miniature.  Not everybody follows the rule!  Tasting several desserts can be a sugar overload, so the desserts need to be small!

  Below is a picture from 2012.  Sorry, my camera was not so great then, but you get the idea.   We had desserts with caramel and apples in mini-martini glasses, pretzels with chocolate, (Aidan and Sophia’s contribution), jello jigglers, cake, truffles and brownies.

    My chocolate truffles were displayed in red ceramic Asian spoons.  Presentation, or appearance, is judged!  Holly was the theme that year.

    Even the kids have gotten in on this and plot and plan their desserts.  It is great fun and I can’t wait to see what great desserts they come up with this year.

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