Master Bath Redo

January 20, 2015

  Yes, my plan was to start organizing some things in the laundry.  Change of plans!  When Dave gets ready to tackle a project, my plans are usually put on hold.  Isn’t that the way it is?  Thank heaven he is finally ready to work on this project; ceramic tile was purchased two  years ago and has been occupying the walk-in closet floor for all this time!

   That being said, I didn’t expect the project to take as long as it has.  In my mind, things just go a lot faster.   Dave removed the toilet and will have to replace the shut-off valve and face plate.  They have rusted.   We began ripping up the old linoleum and the top layer of particle board, which was about 1/8″ thick.  Is that even to code?

   Next, Dave laid down cement backer board and I taped and mortared where the boards came together.   That had to set up for a few hours before I could start laying the tiles. 

   So, on to next day.   Yes, I chose to do that part, because Dave is not that good with pattern repeats.  I know this from experience.

   After getting everything together, laying the tiles out to see what extra pieces needed to be cut and preparing those, I began troweling on the thin set mortar and laying tiles.  It is key to have everything pre cut and ready to go.   Dave helped cut the pieces around the register, which was really helpful.  That done, the tile had to set up overnight.

   Next, was the grout.   The video I watched, said to push the grout into the joints.  If you are not sweating, then you are not doing it right!  My sweater came off pretty quickly, so I must have been doing it right!  Only one blister appeared on my right hand, but my arms are sore today. 

   Oh my gosh!  What a differece the grout makes!  At first, seeing the tile on the floor, I began to question my choice.  The floor looked too busy, but after grouting with antique white, it is just a soft lovely background.    ‘Autumn Blond’ paint, a color from Sherwin Williams, and new baseboard’s are  next, before the room goes back together.  That starts tomorrow.

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