Master Bath Redo And A Painted Door

February 5, 2015

Master Bath Redo And A Painted Door

Paint Your White Door! on
Paint Your White Door!

    Yesterday was my birthday.  A gift to myself was applying paint to the master bath area.  I spent most of the day painting.  It was a beautiful, sun-filled day.  Thank heaven!  The doorknob, replacing the old shiny brass one, is an oil rubbed bronze.  So the old hinges needed to be painted, too.  The weather has not been cooperating with me.  Not wanting to asphyxiate my family, this was a job to do outside, or it would have already been done.

Paint your hardware, too! on
Paint your hardware, too!

  The white rubber tip of the door stop was taped off with blue painter’s tape.  A piece of Styrofoam from packing was used to lay out the hinges.  The screws were screwed into it to be sure the heads were painted.  This worked nicely but I think the paint started eating the Styrofoam, which was not a big deal.  (On occasion, I’ve used cardboard this same way.)  It was going to be thrown in the trash anyway.  

   A few light coats of paint were sprayed on each side of the hinges, allowing the paint to dry between coats.  It’s much better to spray a few light coats rather than one heavy coat.  It will prevent drips and runs giving a much better finish.

   While the door was down, I painted one side of it.  Our doors were all white at one time.  In the kitchen, we have a set of sliding doors to the pantry.  From the family room, I would sit and look at those doors, thinking that they stuck out like a sore thumb.  I thought and thought about what to do with them.  Then one day I was watching a television show and in the background was a door with panels, which had been painted a different color.  I looked at my doors.  Problem solved.

   On my color fan, I chose a color one tint lighter than what was on the walls and bought a semi-gloss paint from Sherwin Williams.  The door was taken off the hinges and laid on the floor.  Then I removed the hardware and taped the indentations with painters tape and painted away that plain door!

   A word here on applying the painter’s tape, the straight edges are easy enough.  Just be sure you rub along the edges to be sure they are sealed well so the paint won’t seep under the edges.  The curved edges take a little bit more finesse.  You will have to clip  the inside piece of the tape many times to manipulate the curved edge.  It takes a little time but it’s easily done.

Paint your white door! on
Paint your white doors!

   I liked the end result so much, one by one, the rest of the doors have been or are going to be painted.  The side facing into the room is now Autumn blonde.  The other side will soon be green, to match the walls in the bath and dressing area.  Visually, it is so much more pleasing!

New paint, new crown molding, and new tile! on
Master bath makeover.

    The crown molding is up, the baseboards are installed, and the tile is done.  The Autumn blonde color looks great with the green ceiling, which is the same color as the dressing area and our bedroom.  I love the soft, new look!

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