Organize! Assign Different Colors to Each Bedroom!

February 18, 2015

    Just imagine for a moment!   You’re in the laundry room.   The dryer is full of clothes which need to be hung and there are no hangers!  Where are they?  Do you know which room all those empty hangers are dangling in at this moment?

    Don’t you hate going from bedroom to bedroom looking for hangers?  Where are all the hangers?  Never knowing who had them and chasing them down drove me nuts, so I hit upon an idea to track those bad boys.  I bought hangers in different colors and assigned each color to a person or bedroom.

    To make it even easier, I bought laundry baskets.  They each also had a laundry basket in a matching color.  No need to go from closet to closet checking to see whose empty laundry basket I have!

    That may sound rather simplistic, however, sometimes the best things are.  If I had to retrieve them, I knew where to go.  If the kids were home,  “Will, I need your hangers!” 

  “Jon-Michael bring your hangers down.”    

   When the kids were younger, you can’t imagine what a time saver this was!  

    A rod was added above the washer and dryer, where the empty hangers are placed for easy access when the clothes come out of the dryer.   I bought a wooden closet dowel and two wooden closet pole sockets at Lowe’s.  They are pretty cheap.

    It was easy to mark where I wanted the pole positioned on each of the cabinets.  Then a small hole was drilled through the side of the cabinet.  Each socket was held in place, and from the inside, a screw was screwed into the side of each cabinet, securing the socket.

    By checking the colored hangers on that rod, I know where the hangers are because there is a different color assigned to each room!  Hanger dilemma solved.  Just assign a different color to each room!

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