Knife Skills and Red-Pepper Ham Roll-Ups

Knife Skills and Red-Pepper Ham Roll-Ups on

March 24, 2015

     Easter is almost here and lots of people will be serving ham.  That made me think of Brendan McDermott, who has a ‘knife skills’ free mini-class on  When I signed up for this class, I had no clue how helpful and informative it would be!  Note the picture of the ham.  I sliced that with my knife by hand!

 Knife Skills and Red-Pepper Ham Roll-Ups on

    Will, my youngest son, brought a ham home at Christmas.  It was not sliced.  Christmas Eve, we always have an appetizer buffet.  I had just taken the class of Brendan’s and thought I would try my hand at slicing the ham.  It needed to be relatively thin for red-pepper ham roll-ups.

red-pepper ham roll-ups. ◄ Click here for the recipe.

   Will was making fun of me for taking this class.  I learned how to cut meat, vegetables, and fruits easily, letting the knife do the work.  I am still amazed.  As he was mocking me, I lifted the platter of ham and said, “Look what I did.”

   He had a surprised look on his face and said, “You did that?”

   I assured him that I had and then he said, ” That’s pretty good, little Momma.”

   The mocking ended.  Well, on that subject it ended.  

    If you are not familiar with Craftsy, you should check out their site, with classes on a wide range of subjects, and a lot of them are FREE!   I am not affiliated with them in any way and do not get paid for saying any of this, but I love that site!

   There’s a picture of the red-pepper ham roll-ups below.  They are really delicious, even if you have the deli slice your ham!


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