Memorial Day Decor

May 25, 2015

    We needed a new Patriotic Memorial Day wreath.  Wreaths on a front door always catch my eye.  There is just something special and inviting about them.  Spring is gone now and the spring wreath had to come down.   Memorial Day is the start of summer.  Schools out soon. The pools open, summer vacation is here and a wreath to celebrate that seemed necessary.

   This grapevine wreath was put together in no time.  I liked the round shaped grapevine wreath for this particular composition, but an oval one would work just as well.  The three sunflowers were leftover from another project.  I purchased the burlap ribbon from Michael’s and the vintage flag from The Christmas Tree Shop.

    The burlap bow was wired on the wreath first and the American flag was positioned and hot glued.  Then the sunflowers were hot glued into place.  It really couldn’t be much easier!

    The heat of the afternoon sun beats on the front door and I was worried about using the hot glue to secure the flag and the flowers, but it seems to be doing just fine.

    For twelve years, I worked at a local bank.  My first day of work was September 11, 2001.   The radio was on and a breaking report on the news as I pulled up to park at the bank.  That was when I heard the report of the first tower at the World Trade Center being hit by the plane.  Like everyone else, I will never forget where I was that day and the horror of what happened.

      I was hired as a working mom to fill in a time frame, which some college students could not cover.  It was truly genius!  It was perfect for the bank, the students and for me!   I put my youngest son on the bus and then went to work at nine o’clock and left at two o’clock in time to be home for Will to get off the bus after school.  I only worked three days a week.  It was the perfect job!  

    This little Uncle Sam lantern was being sold by one of the ladies at the bank.  When I saw it, I could not resist.  He has been on display at most of our Patriotic holidays.

    We eat a lot of meals buffet style here in our home.  I serve the food on the kitchen island and everyone can help themselves.  A few years ago, I hosted a party for my mother’s birthday, which is in August.  I came up with the idea of using bandanas as napkins.  Hobby Lobby had them two for a dollar at the time!  I bought than enough for each guest, folded, and knotted one on each fork. Click here ► directions for folding napkins.  (The entrée and sides did not require a knife or spoon so guests didn’t have to juggle silverware.) 

   Everyone was told they could take the bandanas home with them if they wished.  We had extras if their napkin was soiled.  It was funny to see how guests used their napkins!  Some used them as headbands, scarfs, and even around their necks.  It seemed to go over well.  

   This year, Memorial Day Decor will include some of those red, white, and blue bandanas with my favorite Fiesta Ware scarlet colored plates.

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