Delicious DIY Frozen Yogurt

 June 1, 2015

  Delicious DIY frozen yogurt and smoothies are so quick and easy to make using the food processor.  This is one of Sophia and Aidan’s favorite treats when the temperature rises.  When I picked them up after school on Thursday, it was one of those hot days and we wanted a cold treat.  We usually have bags of frozen fruit in the freezer, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and bananas ready for this treat. 

   Making the frozen yogurt or smoothies, all began one hot day a few years ago when Sophia and Aidan were spending the day here.  They wanted ice cream and we had none.  They wanted to go to the store.  I told Aidan we would just make our own.  In amazement, he remarked that I couldn’t make ice cream.  (On another day, he also said we couldn’t make pretzels, but we did!)  I told him to just watch me.  What a delight little children are!

    I remembered having seen a recipe for frozen yogurt using the food processor and frozen fruit.  We had frozen strawberries and bananas.  ( When the bananas are beginning to ripen a little too much, I freeze them in their peel.  I usually use them for banana bread.  It works perfectly for the bread, but also for making blended frozen treats.)  We also had canned peaches.

    The kids watched in amazement as I got out the food processor, cups of yogurt, some orange juice, the frozen strawberries and other fruits.  Then I let each of them choose which yogurts they wanted to add and which fruits.  We usually have strawberry, blueberry, and pretty much every flavor!  After pressing the button and turning the processor on, they watched as the yogurt and fruit began to combine and look more like ice cream.  

    We each got a spoon and tasted to see what else was needed.  Sophia said sugar.  Yes, we added sugar then and I suggested vanilla extract.  They agreed.  After the pure vanilla extract and the sugar,  we pulled out three more clean spoons and tasted again.  I asked if there was anything else we needed to add.  They were in agreement.  There was not.  It was delicious,

cold, and fruity.  Adding orange juice makes it more like a smoothie.  We like it more like frozen yogurt. 

   We scooped the frozen treat into clear mugs and then I asked if we needed to add whipped cream.  They both agreed, of course, we needed whipped cream and a cherry on top, too.  Sophia said, “Wait!”

    She ran toward the French doors to the deck.  There is always a pot of fresh mint on the deck during the summer or in the house during the winter.  She pinched off sprigs of mint and added them to each of our frozen treats. and the final touch made it more beautiful.   The little girl has been watching cooking shows.

      My young grandchildren think their grammy is pretty amazing, and I think they are, too!   Since it is just the beginning of summer, I am positively sure we will be making many more of these delicious DIY frozen treats.


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