East Coast Beach Vacation

 June 9, 2015
     Our east coast beach vacation has begun on Emerald Isle in North Carolina.  This is my favorite beach.  Over the years, we have been to other beaches in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Guam, and Alaska.  For some reason, this particular beach is just my favorite.  

   Two of my children, their hopefully,  soon to be spouses, and the grandchildren are vacationing with us.  The only thing better than vacationing at the beach is sharing it with your family.  This was the first time the grandchildren have been able to experience the beach.  To say that they were and are excited is an understatement.

   Before we left Kentucky I planned a special drink for them.  On Pinterest, there was a copycat recipe for Sonic’s ocean water.  I have never been to Sonic and had no idea what it was.  After checking out several sites, the recipe always seemed the same, so I made sure I bought the Swedish fish on the trip down here.  We picked up the other ingredients at the local Food Lion grocery.

   Sophia rode down with her Papa and me.  On the way down I had told her I had a surprise drink for her and Aidan.   She was excited to help with the drink because I told her the Swedish fish were for their special drink.

    The basic recipe is:  one-half cup of white granulated sugar mixed with one-half cup of water and microwaved for forty-five seconds, longer if needed, so the sugar dissolves.  (I made this simple syrup beforehand and chilled in the refrigerator until it was time for the kids to come up from the beach.

   Sophia and Aidan rode the waves for awhile.

    Then Aidan rode on his boogie board.

  Sophia collected sea shells for a necklace, a bracelet, and a picture frame, all of which I promised I would help her make.

   They were definitely ready for a drink after all of that!

    When they came up from the beach, the simple syrup I had made earlier, was poured into a pitcher.  Three teaspoons of coconut extract, six drops of blue food coloring were also added and then stirred briskly to combine.   Next, a whole forty-two- ounce bottle of Sprite was poured into the mixture and stirred once more.  

    Yes, this a super simple drink!   The blue drink was then poured over ice cubes into a clear glass.  A couple of Swedish fish were dropped into the beverage and a colorful straw was added just before serving.

    The kids loved it!  They were served the ‘Ocean Water’ on the deck as they watched the waves roll in on the shore.  They said it was the best drink ever, but the adult children were also wanting to taste this concoction and decided it was pretty tasty, too.  Nate and Tiffany decided it would taste pretty good with a little bit of Malibu Rum, which apparently is a coconut rum.  Perhaps we will have to try that in place of the coconut extract or in addition to it.  We will have to work on it and let you know later!

    In the meantime, we are enjoying our beach vacation.


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