Avocado Dip With An Italian Flare

July 10, 2015

    If you are not so crazy about guacamole flavored with Pico de Gallo but love Italian flavors, there is a good chance even you would like this avocado dip with an Italian flare.  I love guacamole but this dip is so tasty! This was a Christopher Lowell recipe, quick, easy, and delicious!  The first time I made it, we were having a big party and one gentleman loved it.  In fact, he ate most of it!

   The key ingredient is a packet of Good Seasons Italian Salad Dressing mix.  At least, that is the brand I use and can truthfully testify it makes a delicious dip.

Avocado Dip

1 cup sour cream

1 Tblsp. mayonnaise or Miracle Whip

2 Tblsp. fresh lemon juice

1 ripe avocado

1 pkg Good Seasons Italian Salad Dressing Mix

   Combine the sour cream, mayo, and dressing mix.  Cut the avocado in half, remove the seeds and down and across the meat of the avocado forming about one-half-inch pieces.  Take a spoon and scoop the pieces out of the peel and into the bowl with the sour cream mixture. Pour the two tablespoons of lemon juice on top of the avocado pieces.


   With a fork, mix all ingredients together well, mashing the avocado pieces a little.  (We like little chunks of avocado in ours but if you prefer a smoother dip, mash away!)


**The darker, bumpy-skinned avocados have more flavor than the larger smooth skinned ones.

   Avocado Dip served with corn chips is a favorite at our house, but it is also delicious with fresh vegetables.

  For our backyard grill out on the fourth, tortilla chips were served in an aluminum tub, along with dips served in little buckets. These red ceramic bowls have a little lip at the top, which fit perfectly on the buckets!


   It is common knowledge that we always have crudités, or what we simply call a vegetable tray, anytime we have a get-together. The grocery had heirloom tomatoes when I shopped this time so I picked up a few.  They looked so pretty in all the different colors.  Regardless of what other foods you have displayed on the table, a vegetable tray is probably one of the easiest, most colorful, appetizing platters you can make and there is no cooking!

  My family always has to have ranch dressing for the vegetable tray.  We buy the packets of Hidden Valley Ranch Dip mix and combine it with two cups of sour cream.  It tastes best if allowed to chill in the refrigerator for an hour or more.  The flavors all combine with the sour cream.  I’ve been told my ranch dip tastes the best and then asked what I do differently.  How is that even possible?  How hard is it to mix a packet of dressing mix into the sour cream?  I promise that is all I do.

   If you are serving some tortilla chips or a vegetable tray soon, maybe you should try the avocado dip with a bit of an Italian flare.

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