DIY Patriotic Luminaries

July 15, 2015

   These DIY Patriotic Luminaries were inspired by a beautiful picture on Colin Cowie’s wedding website.  The picture he has on his website shows glass jars with random colored tissue paper shapes glued onto glass jars.  It reminded me of the Easter egg project I made with the napkins. So that gave me the idea to use patriotic napkins but this could be done in so many different ways for any holiday or event.   The different designs on napkins and tissue paper are limitless!

DIY Patriotic Luminaries on
DIY Patriotic Luminaries

    A few weeks ago, we were planning an Alice in Wonderland baby shower.  Then, Memphis Belle decided she was going to be born six weeks early.  That theme didn’t seem appropriate any longer.  Since Memphis wanted to be here for the party, we decided the men and boys should be included.  She needs a proper introduction! With a name like ‘Memphis Belle’, you understand the patriotic touch to the event. The backyard party is next week and I am working on more of these luminaries for a little evening ambiance.


   Talk about inexpensive!  These are made from mayo jars, pickle jars, relish jars, and whatever jars you have on hand.  We normally put these in the recycle bin, but I have been saving them for this project.


   Talk about simple!  Mod Podge and napkins or tissue paper are all it takes to make these!  You need one thin layer of tissue or napkin.  The napkins can be peeled apart, leaving one very thin layer.  At this point, I decided how I wanted the design to go on the jar, cut out elements and arranged them or covered the whole side of the jar with the napkin.

Easy DIY Patriotic Luminaries
Easy DIY Patriotic Luminaries

   Once you have decided on your design, brush Mod Podge on the jar and place your pieces of napkin or tissue on top of the glue.  Once you have them where you want them, gently brush a coat of Mod Podge on top of the napkin.   You can usually brush out most of the wrinkles, but I was just thinking how plain tissue paper with intentional wrinkles would make an interesting design. Allow the Mod Podge to dry and top with another coat.  That is it! They are ready for use.


   The picture above shows what they look like after completion.  I did cut the napkins apart and rearranged elements to create these designs.  The Mod Podge is so easy to use on this project.

   And this is how they look at night when battery powered tea lights are inside.  Tea lights could be used, too.  Apparently, Colin Cowie used glow sticks, which were cut open and poured into the jars.  I wonder how those little glow bracelets would work placed in the bottom of the jars.  I may have to try that.


   I am sure you have plenty of spare jars around the house or friends who do!  Wouldn’t these look great lining a path or lining a patio wall?  The ideas are limitless.


   Would love to hear if you try this little project!  In the meantime, I will be working on more of these patriotic DIY luminaries!

Easy DIY Patriotic Luminaries on
Easy DIY Patriotic Luminaries

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