DIY Ribbon Bow – Untie and The Entire Ribbon Is In One Perfect Piece

DIY Ribbon Bow - untie one continuous piece! on

August 5, 2015

DIY Ribbon Bow - Untie one perfect piece on

   When I bought this spool of ribbon at Sam’s, I was actually looking for a wired ribbon.  I was not exactly sure what I was going to do with it, but I think it was an after Easter markdown for less than eight bucks!  Fifty yards of pretty satin ribbon at that price is a steal!

   On special occasions, Dave always gives me Esther Price chocolates in the gold box wrapped with a red ribbon and bow. When you pull the tie, the entire ribbon comes loose in one piece.  That gave me the idea for using the ribbon.  What girl could not use a nice long piece of satin ribbon for something?

   Begin by allowing enough ribbon for a tail and one side of the bow, as seen in the picture above.

    Next, fold the ribbon over diagonally in the center of the present.  Holding the diagonal, you just made, take the ribbon across the top, down the side, under, and back up the opposite side.

    Bring the ribbon up and over the horizontal ribbon in the center of your package.

   Tuck that end of the ribbon under the diagonal you made in the first step and take it to the right end of the package.

    Take the ribbon down the right side, under the box, and then back up the left end of the box to the top.

    Now run the ribbon under the vertical ribbon.  (I still had the ribbon on the spool at this point and tucked it under and through the vertical ribbon.)

    Taking your loose tail end and the ribbon you just slid under the vertical ribbon, gather, and loop to begin your bow.

    Do not tie a knot before you start the bow!

    Wrap the end around the loop. 

    Pull the loop through to make the other side of the bow.  (The pictures show this being done left- handed.  Although I am right-handed, my mother is left-handed.  She taught me how to tie my shoes.  It made it very easy to teach my left-handed daughter how to tie shoes, but not the other right-handed children and grandchildren!  I had to consciously do it backward to what is second nature to me.) If you are right-handed, just tie the bow as you usually would.

    Pull and tighten your bow.  Trim the ends of the ribbon.  How easy is that?

    What girl would not want a beautifully wrapped package and a lovely ribbon as a bonus?  The ease of just pulling the tail of the ribbon, which unties the bow, and watching as the ribbon gracefully slides off of the present is so special, too.  When this DIY Ribbon Bow is untied and the entire ribbon slips off in one perfect piece, that is special!DIY Ribbon Bow - untie one continuous piece! on

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