Update on the Bathroom Makeover

Update on the Bathroom Makeover

September 5, 2015


   The light fixture was the first thing to go back up after patching, sanding, and painting the wall where the vanity and mirror were removed.  Dave’s desk lamp in the picture below was what I used for light until then.  From the bottom of the stairs, looking up, the lamp looked like ‘Lamp’ from “The Brave Little Toaster” movie.  If you have never watched this movie with your children or grandchildren, you simply must!  Sophia,  Aidan, and I have watched that movie so many times!   I had to take a picture and then supplied eyes for him with Picmonkey.  Doesn’t it look like Lamp?


  The crown molding is up, caulked, and will be painted today.  The vanity has been installed and the backsplash has been caulked.  The baseboard is installed, caulked and painted.  The door facing has a fresh coat of paint.   A framed mirror will replace the builder’s mirror.  I am anxious to see it in place. 

   Dave has the water lines up and running and the toilet is back in place. He used the Sharkbite compression stop valves for replacing the old shut-off valves.  It makes replacement pretty easy.


   Both of my girls have come over and when they walked up the stairs to see my progress on the bathroom, the first thing they said was, “I like that color!”

    The Dublin gray I pulled from the travertine tiles seems to be a hit.  Dave even said he liked it!  I think it has an understated elegance about it.    A friend described my style as understated elegance and I like that.  Perhaps she is right.

   The door has been painted to match the wall.  I love following the detail on the plain white door with painter’s tape and then painting.   The most fun part is pulling the tape off to reveal the perfect lines and the contrast of the white against the new color of the painted door.   It is really quite easy and makes a tremendous difference.

     We have been replacing all of the doorknobs in the house with new bronze doorknobs.  It is amazing what a difference that makes!  All of the hinges and screws were removed from the door and the door jam and painted bronze to match the new doorknob.  Jon-Michael helped me carefully put the door back up without marring any of the paint.  Whew!

   The bathroom makeover is almost complete.  The new vanity does not have drawers.  A new basket under the sink will hold my youngest son’s toiletries.  That should be sufficient and yet attractive at the same time.  Baskets are so functional and decorative.  What would we do without them?

   The next update on the bathroom makeover will be news of the completion!  I hope!

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