Bathroom Makeover

    The bathroom makeover is almost complete!  The only thing left is the blank space over the toilet.   The mirror over the sink looks like it was meant for this vanity.  I bought it when a local furniture store was going out of business many years ago.  It finally has found the perfect home.  Notice I still have the basket with extra toilet paper, soap, hand towels, and tissues on the back of the toilet, which was from an earlier post on organization.  I am convinced this is a great idea!


   If you remember in an earlier post, my muscular boys managed to pull the shower rod down a few inches and marred the walls.  I guess these shower rods are supposed to go on the tile, but they slip off of that too easily. Does this drive you crazy, too, or am I alone in this?

    To remedy the problem, I drilled a hole right down the middle of both end pieces, through the foam on the end, and using a drywall screw, attached them to the wall.  Then the extension rod was put in place.  

   Shopping at Jo-Ann’s Fabric Store, I found shower curtain roller rings, which I think will help ensure that this rod does not come down!  I used a fifty percent off coupon and bought the most expensive ones, which ultimately cost a whopping six dollars.  The curtain roller rings have a ball-bearing design and they just glide across the rod!  They even glide easily over the ridge where the two sections of the rod come together!  I think that yanking on the curtain to get over that ridge was the major issue.


   Aren’t switch plates and receptacle plates ugly?  I contemplated buying the decorative plates, but I really don’t like the idea of calling attention to those.  There are so many other decorative items, which I prefer to showcase!  That is why I paint the plates to match the walls.  After applying two or three coats of paint to the plate, two coats of a polyurethane or varnish for exterior or interior use.  That way it can be wiped clean when all those dirty little fingerprints are on it.   I use the Delta Ceramcoat, which can be cleaned from your paintbrush with soap and water.  It can be found at craft stores in the paint section along with acrylic paints.

    The fish picture on the wall above the towel bar is a copy of a page from a book on cut art.  The pictures were all cut with scissors and attached to a background.  

    The frame was originally a bright blue-green color and displayed a picture of frogs in vivid primary colors.  When the kids were younger this was the ‘frog’ bathroom.  A couple of coats of dark brown paint and some varnish applied to the frame, a new mat board and the copy of the fish cut art picture, completely changed the look of this piece.  What a difference there is in the original piece and the end product. 

    Once again, it reminds me of my favorite place,  the beach. The new vanity with the shutter doors also reminds me of the beach.  Although it is not overly apparent when you walk into my home, there are little pieces of the beach in every room.


   My plan is to add pictures of the kids at the beach above the commode.  That is my next project and then the bathroom makeover will be complete.


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