A Haunting Halloween Tablescape

October 19, 2015

    The Halloween tablescape this year features a bevy of these little skeletons.  It is so funny to remember that as I strolled through the dollar store and first noticed these, I wondered what anyone would do with those little skeletons strung on a line of jute.  Just four on a string wouldn’t make much of an impact.  I passed by them.


   Looking for some items in the craft aisle, my mind went back to those little skeletons, and an idea began to take shape.  Those skeletons were displayed on a card, four tied on a string for a dollar.  I envisioned a bunch of them scattered around my tablescape and it made me laugh!  Just a little bit strange, creepy and offbeat maybe, but it would be interesting, too, right?   Aidan would love it!   The result would not be ‘in your face’, but subtle, inviting closer inspection.   I like that.


   The table was covered with a white tablecloth and then a lacy black spider web tablecloth with a bat border was layered on top.  The foundation for the tablescape is a mixture of crystal and silver items.  I like the classy, sophisticated look of the crystal and silver in contrast to the silly little skeletons.


   Little pops of rusty orange are added with the candles, a pumpkin, and a gourd resting on a small leaf tray.  The little wooden tray has been passed down in my family on my father’s side for many years.  It was brought over from Germany.  The brown of the tray is also mimicked in the decorative metal lantern.

   Some Spanish moss stuffed in a clear vase is the nest for black spiders and the foundation for some spider webs.   I think more spiders are needed.  It is especially creepy when a mass of bugs or spiders is boiling out of something!

   When we removed the soil for the fish pond, some kind of creepy millipede had a nest there.  Those nasty things came boiling out of the ground!  It was probably one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen!  They went up the side of the house, onto the white deck rails, and everywhere.  I remember smashing hundreds of them with my trowel.  You can now understand my thought process with the spiders.

    The key to using the fake webbing is pulling it out to be very thin.  The webbing can be pulled and pulled until it is very thin and a small bag will cover a lot of area.  I have seen so many displays where people have left big blobs of the spider web and that does not look natural in any way.  Of course,  the skeletons look completely natural!  Right?

    Black candles were added to the crystal candle holders,  and the pumpkins I painted last year for the Thanksgiving tablescape were included in the vignette.  I like the contrast of the light colored pumpkin on the dark tablecloth.  If you’re interested in painting yours, click here ►  DIY instructions for painting your pumpkins.

A Haunting Halloween Tablescape on MyHumbleHomeandGarden.com

   You never know what you are going to find in the dollar stores, but sometimes it is the inspiration for a completely different, and maybe just a little creepy, Halloween tablescape.

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