Last Minute Thanksgiving Decorations

Last Minute Thanksgiving Decorations on

November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Decorations

    This year we will be having around twenty family members at our annual Thanksgiving dinner and I have been trying to finish those last minute Thanksgiving decorations.   The sideboard has a display of silver and faux pumpkins and a gourd. The silver pieces are pieces I already had, but the pumpkins and gourd were found at Hobby Lobby for eighty percent off the regular price!


   A table runner of burlap spans the length of the kitchen table and another runner is centered on the dining room table.  The added texture of the burlap adds interest.  The silver pumpkin on the kitchen table was a steal at Target at the end of the season last year and a candle is nestled inside of it.   Of course, the little velvet pumpkins were made this year.  The pattern for them can be found here ► pumpkin pattern #pumpkin stem pattern.


   Two clear glass vases have been used to display a candle wrapped in gold surrounded by hazelnuts.  A few fall leaves were gathered from the backyard. I love this earthy, yet elegant look!  How simple is this?Last Minute Thanksgiving Decorations on

    In the kitchen, we have a bay window and French door combination.  When we built the house, we had an extra four feet added to the width of the family room, which butts up to the wall where the chalkboard is.  Since those four extra feet are on the other side of this opening, it is just a mock window.  At one time, I had a curtain over it so it appeared to be a window.  

Last Minute Thanksgiving Decorations on


   One day I decided to frame the mock window and using chalkboard paint, created a blackboard!  I love it!  It is big.  The grandchildren write on it all the time.  It is great for making lists and notes to remind me of things.  Sometimes it sports a calendar with specific dates marked.  It does come in handy when trying to keep track of daily duties.

    The dining room table is set with chargers and a tablescape with more of the clear vases,  candles wrapped in gold, and a variety of nuts.  The velvet pumpkins I made earlier this year,  with the real dried pumpkin stems from last year, are placed down the center of another burlap runner.  The same velvet pumpkin pattern was used for these, but a real dried stem was hot glued on the top.  I held this in place for a couple of minutes to be sure the glue was set and holding the stem securely.

    The painted pumpkins from last year sit atop the crystal candle holders.  Sophia actually put two of these on the candle holders because I had not placed the candles in them yet.  I liked her idea and so they stayed where she placed them.

The directions for painting the faux pumpkins are in an earlier post from last year. The directions are here ►Painted pumpkins!


 The fireplace mantel remains the same except for the omission of the black crows from Halloween.  I really love this look, the combination of the blue, the rusts, and the oranges.  The wooden pumpkin on the fireplace hearth is the backside of the Halloween “Trick or Treat” pumpkin.  Usually, one of the grandkids turns it around to the “Trick or Treat” side when they come over.    I just turn it back after they leave.


   Today I begin cooking and baking for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving dinner.  Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!  Hope you enjoyed and perhaps are inspired by our last minute Thanksgiving decorations!Last Minute Thanksgiving Decorations on



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