Elegant White, Gold, and Silver Christmas Decorations

December 5, 2015

    The elegant white, gold, and silver Christmas decorations have been placed and hung.  The decorating is almost completely done.  I know we are five days into December, but my wish is for our family to completely enjoy Thanksgiving each year so I still wait until Thanksgiving is over to put up the Christmas decorations.   Dave goes on his annual hunting trip for a week and while he is gone, I decorate for Christmas.


   Usually, the Christmas tree is the first thing tackled, but this year I had a vision for the mantel.  The vision included gold metal trees, which were purchased several years ago.  It also included the white lanterns, which are often on the patio in the summer.  


   The vision started when I was shopping at Michaels.  They had these white bottle brush trees and I love them!  In the same display area, they also had the little white birds with silver wings.   I could not resist.


   Placing all of the trees, the birds, and the lanterns on the mantel, I realized I needed more of a focal point, and that is when I remembered the gold metal deer.

     In the same bin where the deer was stored, there was the little glass tree my mother had given me many years ago, and it found it’s way onto the mantel, too.  


   A string of white pine garland with a few pinecones attached was draped across the front of the fireplace.  It is rather sparse.  It has faux snow on it, which tones down the green of the needles.   I did not want the garland to be too heavy so I think this one is perfect.  A string of white lights was added to the back of the arrangement and across the pine garland.


   This beautiful pillow that looks like a Christmas package was also found at Michael’s.  It just looks elegantly simple.  There is a rhinestone setting in the middle of the bow where the copper colored ribbons cross.

    Two beautiful off-white poinsettias sit on either side of the fireplace screen.  They are edged with a copper color and some glitter.  The gold glittered ‘peace’ sign was hung on the firescreen as I was placing things on the mantel.  I had thought I would use it on a wreath in place of the clock.  As I stepped back to take a look at the composition, it looked perfect right there, and the clock seemed perfect, too.


   Notice the jingle bell wreaths I made earlier in November, hanging in front of the mirrors on the left and right of the fireplace.   I still cannot believe how simple and how quickly they went together!  Directions for those are here ►Jingle Bell Wreath.


   This is completely different from the mantel decorations we have had in the past and I have to admit that I really like it.  It seems to have a touch of elegance, doesn’t it?  Maybe it will inspire you to come up with your own elegant white, gold, and silver Christmas decorations, too.



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