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December 15, 2015

    This is such an easy DIY Christmas wreath and it is so incredibly easy to replicate!  The base is just a 24-inch faux fir wreath.  They are extremely cheap this time of year.    Wanting to lighten the color of the wreath, I searched for aerosol snow flocking.  I have seen that stuff for years and never had a desire to use it, but don’t you know I could not find it in any of the local stores!  


   I settled for the ‘Deluxe Snow Spray’, which I found at Walgreen’s.  It was the last can!  The weather has been so mild here this year.  (Hallelujah!)  So I took the wreath outside and gave it a good coat of the snow spray.  Then after ten minutes, I gave it a second coat.  It is rather subtle, but it looks delicate and seems to go with the lightness of the mantel decor anyway.


   The sprigs of greenery with the little red berries caught my attention at the craft store.  I love the tiny silvery leaves on the fuller branches.  The other branch with the bigger leaves seemed to be a nice contrast.  Knowing that the red and silver wired ribbon were going to be used for the bow, those sprigs seemed the perfect pieces to use.  The white poinsettias echo the white poinsettia spiral on the Christmas tree in the family room.

    How simple is this, and how much classier than some of those in the craft stores?  The wreath only took two of the silvery sprigs, two poinsettias, one large sprig with the bigger leaves, and the red and silver ribbon I already had!


   Deciding I wanted the bow to be just below the middle on the left side, I began to manipulate the silvery stems to create a nice arch from the center where the bow would be.  One stem arched up and one stem arched down.  Usually, when stems are purchased at the store, they are straight, stiff, and unnatural looking.  When you bend and manipulate them to take on more of a natural look, they look so much more realistic.  

    Once the floral stems were where they looked best, they were wired to the frame using floral wire.  I formed what looked like a big hairpin and pushed it through the greenery to the back, capturing the stem on the way.  Then the wire was twisted to secure the piece to the wreath.

    The red and silver bow was made next.  Loops were formed with a length of ribbon, twisting the ribbon to reveal the right side before forming the next loop.  I usually make six to eight loops.  Another separate length of ribbon is tied around the middle of the loops.  That length of ribbon should be long enough to weave through the wreath greenery and attach to the back of the wire frame.

    The wire ribbon is so great and can be tweaked and shaped at this point.  Then the poinsettias were placed and wired to the wreath with the floral wire.

    Next, the larger stem was cut into smaller lengths, placed, and secured with the floral wire, too.

    By spraying the wreath with the white snow and using the white poinsettias, and echoing the red and silver of the ribbon with the stems, it makes a very simple, quietly elegant display.  Using the same simple process, you can make a gorgeous DIY Christmas wreath, too!DIY Christmas Wreath on


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