Valentine’s Day Gifts For The Teacher on

Valentine's Day Gifts For The Teacher on

January 12, 2016

Valentine’s Day Gifts


   Last year, thinking that Sophia and Aidan would like a Valentine’s Day gift for their teachers, I scanned through ideas on Pinterest.


   I found the cutest idea using a little Mason jar.  I loved the sentiment and the idea.   You can find it on   


    Before picking Sophia and Aidan up after school, I stopped at the grocery to buy the supplies.  The grocery store had little mason jars, but they were heavy and had an orange rubber ring on them.  No, I didn’t like the orange and thought the only jars they had were a little heavy.  


   Thinking that maybe glass was not such a good idea for their backpacks and the bus, after all, I considered other options.  Surely in my stash at home, there was another container to use for this project.   I had already put the Dove chocolate hearts in the shopping basket but decided against the jars.  


   On the way home, brainstorming, I thought about using cellophane bags. Then I remembered I had some little favor boxes.  Brilliant!  We could do this easily!

 Valentine's Day Gifts For The Teacher on

   After the kids finished their homework, Sophia helped me print out the type and graphic, which I had created earlier on  There, you can create your own sentiment using any type you would like and it is free!  To fit in the box nicely, the type ended up being 2″ wide and  2 1/4″ long.  Click here for basic instructions. 

Valentine's Day Gifts For The Teacher on 

   Using the flattened box as a template, I traced lightly in pencil and Sophia cut out the label and placed it inside the box.  She drew a heart around the “Happy Valentine’s Day ♥ Sophia” and “Happy Valentine’s Day ♥ Aidan” and cut those out, too.  We punched a hole in the tag, ran a ribbon through it and attached it to the handle.


   Her little gifts looked so much more special because she cut the labels out herself!


  She is only in first grade but so creative!  Then she filled the boxes with the chocolate hearts. (The one in the picture is the one I created as a sample.  Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of hers.)  


   Aidan was not so much interested in the craft, but he was tickled with the end product, thanked Sophia, and was carefully clutching it as he headed out the door for home with his mother and sister.


   To pin this click here ►Valentine Day Gifts for the Teacher.  I thought these were great little inexpensive DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for the teacher, and happily, the kids did, too.



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