How To Make A Valentine Heart From Wine Corks

How To Make A Valentine Heart From Wine Corks on
 January 27, 2016

Valentine Heart

    Last week, I scanned Pinterest to find ‘How To Make A Valentine Heart From Wine Corks’.  Checking out several sites gave me some information on how to go about this.  Not all information you find on the internet is that good.  In the end, I came up with an easier option that seemed to work well.


   Sophie and I drew a heart shape on freezer paper and we tried to glue the corks together.  On one of the sites, it was suggested to use a hot glue gun. Yeah, that did not work so well.  After we had glued the perimeter, we picked the wreath up and the thing fell apart in several places!  The hot glue did not hold.  Maybe I have inferior hot glue?


   Using the outline on the freezer paper did not work very well either.  Even though I thought I was being very careful to follow the edge, one cork went all wonky and the outline was not right.  Okay, looking at the picture, maybe more than one went wonky!  The heart was misshapen.


   Sophie had to go home and I left this project on the counter in frustration.  For several days, it taunted me.  Feeling defeated, I was about to toss the whole mess.

  Then, I had an epiphany.  Why not use the heart -shaped cake pan?

First, I lined it with Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil.  Then, using Aleene’s Tacky Glue, I began to glue the outside row together, following the shape of the pan.   Note that the end of the cork pointing up is the end the bottle opener punctured.  The bottom side will be flat, ( the corks are not all the same length or diameter) and will be flat with no holes from the opener.

  This seemed to be working well! That is when I decided to make a heart- shaped decoration for the mantel instead of the wreath.



   As the corks were added, some had to have a line of glue applied to two, three or four sides, when the corks butted up together.  Adding one at a time, I filled the entire cake pan and waited for a half hour for the glue to completely dry.


   Then, the pan was turned over and released.   The heart shape looked great!  This worked so much better!


   The next step was painting.I decided to paint only the tops of the wine corks, which took no time at all.  Light ivory by Ceramcoat was painted on with a small stiff hog bristle brush.


   After the paint dried, Mod Podge was quickly painted on over the ivory paint and clear glitter was poured on top of the Mod Podge, acting as a glue.  


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    Not that there is an abundance of these in my humble home, but I have also come up with some clever, cheap tricks with wine corks!  Awhile back, I was placing one of the potted orchids in an urn.  The orchid was too low.  I racked my brain to think of something that would raise the pot just enough.  The idea of gluing wine corks together, to create a lift, came to my mind.


   It worked perfectly!  This little trick has been implemented many times in my home.  It also works for those items on top of cabinets.  Sometimes just a little lift is needed to see the item perfectly.  These corks can easily be glued together with Tacky Glue to make whatever size is needed.


   I hope this post on How to Make a Valentine Heart With Wine Corks inspires you to create something beautiful, too.





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