Decorative Acrylic Monogram DIY

Decorative Acrylic Monogram DIY on

April 20, 2016

    Decorative acrylic monogram?  This one was inspired by a post from Michele at The Scrap Shoppe Blog.   If you have been to Michael’s lately, you have seen all the different decorative letters.  These clear acrylic letters were in the midst of all the colorful letters made from wood, metal, and everything else.  I walked down the aisle searching for them and completely missed them the first time.  After looking through the entire store, I returned to the first aisle and there they were on a shelf just below my eye level.


 Although they look bigger in the pictures, these letters are only 7-inches tall.  Michele used hers on a fireplace mantel display.  Since it was on the small side, I wanted to use the decorative acrylic monogram for an element in a table display.


   This project was so easy, it is unreal!  Supplies are simple and you probably already have them if you are crafty!

    You’ll need a cutting mat, scissors, Mod Podge, a pencil, X-ACTO knife, a foam brush, (or paint brush), and your choice of paper.


   The first thing you do is lay the clear letter on your decorative paper and decide which part of the design you want to be displayed. 


   Then with your pencil, draw around the letter.  A mechanical pencil works well here to get close to any indentations on the letter.


   Make sure the line is easily visible and then, with scissors, cut out your letter following your lines.  Line the acrylic letter up with your paper letter and make sure everything is perfect.  There may be a little overhang of the paper, and that is where you will need the X-ACTO knife later.

   Next, clean your letter to remove any debris or fingerprints.  Removing that price tag left dirt, which I could not see until I started cleaning the letter!  


    That done, apply Mod Podge to the decorative side of the paper and place on the back of the acrylic letter, smoothing out, and pressing as you go.  Turn the letter over and allow to dry.  


   After it dries, trim off any excess overhang.   It is pretty much that simple!


 Certain letters stand up easily, not so with the ‘J’!   That created a problem for me.  It looked far less impressive on its side.  

    Brainstorming, I came up with using one of those Command brand clear hooks. It was clear, right?  Less visible. Using E-6000 glue, I glued the tip of the hook onto the ‘J’ strategically, so it would support the letter and keep it upright.  It needs to dry for several hours to get the best bond.  It worked perfectly!


   While Michele’s decorative paper for the monogram was a bright spring floral, I chose paper which was a little more understated, which would fit into the decor throughout the house.  Just thinking about the multitude of different colors and designs, which would work equally well, it makes you want to buy a few of these letters!  


   This post is linked with MustLoveHome Friday Favorites Week 317.


   This Decorative Acrylic Monogram turned out so cute, and it is so incredibly simple, maybe it would be a good idea for a gift for someone special!

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