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July 27, 2016

Place settings

    These beautiful square-shaped plates caught my attention at Homegoods! Imagining them set against our scarlet red Fiesta Dinnerware, I couldn’t resist!  A few years ago, I decided to buy Fiesta ware.  Of course, I started with the ‘scarlet’ Fiesta 5-piece place settings.  Each time the department store had a sale on Fiesta, I would purchase a couple of sets. 

    Because of the patriotic holidays, the cobalt blue was considered, too.   That was nixed because, with the red and white, I could just add a blue napkin.  What’s better than red, white, and blue? 


   With good intentions,  I would head to the store and that scarlet red would scream, “Buy me!”  And I did.  You know my affinity for red… We now have fourteen five-piece place settings!     


    Even though we have these red place settings, that doesn’t mean they have to be boring!   Red is actually a good neutral color!   Stacked plates look amazing!  Don’t you love the combination of the floral plates with the medium blue background against the red of the plate and the napkin?  

    Or, how about the red plate with this cute little black and white floral patterned plate?  Just imagine a coordinating plaid or polka dot plate.  I seem to be drawn to red and bold colors that go with red.  What colors speak to you?


   By mixing these basic dishes with other more colorful, and, or, patterned plates, you can create an amazing magazine-worthy table setting!   Not everyone has Fiesta dinnerware, but these same ideas can be used with whatever dishes you have!  (Yet, as you can see, you are not limited if you have colorful Fiesta ware either.)


   An easy no-fail way for choosing patterns to go with your plates is to make sure that the color of your plate is also found in the pattern you choose., Notice the square plate at the top of the post.  The red color of the Fiesta plate is actually in the pattern of the square plate.


   In the second picture, the bold black and white pattern looks amazing in contrast to the red.  Choosing a contrasting color in the same color depth is another winner.  The bold black and white against a pale soft pink or lavender plate might be too much, but a softer black or gray patterned plate would be beautiful.

    Changing the dinner plate to a bright blue chintz, adding the Fiesta scarlet salad plate, a silver charger, and a blue napkin changes the look completely!  (The red rose is from the garden!)

    Add a green lined glass plate and a ‘Fitz and Floyd’ apple plate.  You have an entirely different look!

    This fruit patterned salad plate is from the first set of dishes Dave and I bought!  I still love this set, and it looks pretty with the red plate and gold charger!  The red and gold colors are echoed in the napkin and holder.

    Here’s another completely different look using a green, gold, and black dinner plate and salad plate.  The autumn colors in the napkin coordinate nicely, but by changing out the napkin, a completely different look can be attained.


   When I spot a set of napkins marked down, I am often tempted.  If they are the right colors and the right price, I can’t say no.  Lots of the cloth napkins we have were homemade.  The fabric designs are endless and it is so easy to sew up a set of one-of-a-kind napkins in no time!  


   Isn’t it amazing how many different looks you can achieve by just adding another plate or napkin?   Even if you don’t have Fiesta Dinnerware, maybe you will look at your own dinnerware in a new light and find some of your own beautiful options!





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