How To Make Easy DIY Hair Bows For Little Girls

Easy DIY Hair Bows For Little Girls on

August 31, 2016

DIY Hair Bows

 Easy DIY Hair Bows 

   Need some ‘Easy DIY Hair Bows’?  My daughter sent a video to me on Facebook showing How To Make Easy DIY Hair Bows For Little Girls.  Sophia wanted some hair bows after she saw one I had made for Memphis. 


   Memphis was in the ‘baby contest’ at the local Boone County Fair and needed a hair bow to match her little sailor outfit.  Having the name “Memphis Belle”, it only seemed appropriate for her to wear a patriotic sailor outfit, right?  I looked for bows to match her outfit but found none.  They were all too big or the wrong colors.  So, I had to make one for her.  (She enjoyed the animals more than the contest that day.)

   Tiffany thought that it would be easier for Sophia to make one this way, which did not require hand-stitching like the ones I had been making.  She’s right, but I am hoping Sophia finds a passion for sewing.

    Have you seen the bows you can make with a fork?  This technique is kind of the same principle.  After making the bows for the girls, I was trying to figure out a way to make a jig for making hair bows.   Well, someone had beaten me to it! What’s more, it uses common items that everyone probably already has!

    Yep, there it is!  You’ll need a piece of cardboard, 4 skewers, sharp scissors, a pencil, ruler, and ribbon.  If you are making a barrette, you will also need a barrette or hair clip and a hot glue gun.

   The cardboard piece I used is 3″ wide x 5-1/2″ for the smaller 3″ bow and

3″ wide x 7-1/2″ for the 3-1/2″ bow. 

Slide 4 skewers into the openings of the cardboard and straight through to the other side.

   Depending on the width of the ribbon you use and the width of the bow you want, mark intervals closer or farther apart.


    You can use a clip or clothespin hanger to help hold the ribbon end. 

First, clip the ribbon to the left side of the cardboard.

 Weave the ribbon over the top of the first skewer on the left side, under the second, over the third, and under the last skewer.


Fold the ribbon back over the top of the last skewer, under the 3rd skewer, and over the 2nd. 

Continue weaving under and over and back until you have something that looks like the example in the picture. 

This bow will have 2 loops on each side.

 The loose tails of the ribbon should face opposite sides.

    Place a thinner piece of ribbon in the same color, or a coordinating, or contrasting color, behind the woven ribbons and between the two center skewers.  (You could also fold the same kind of ribbon in on both sides to create a thinner version.)

The ribbon should be long enough to hang out above and below the woven ribbons.


Pull both ends down toward the cardboard, gathering the woven ribbons.


Pull up tight and tie an overhand knot with the ribbon.


Gently slide the bow up and off of the skewers.

To avoid frays, trim the ends at an angle or fold the ribbon in half lengthwise and cut an angle

to form a “V-shape” with sharp scissors.  To make the “V-shape”, cut from the folded side, away from the bow, at a 45° angle toward the outer edge.

  Trim the thinner ribbon in the back and attach the bow to a barrette or hair clip with hot glue, catching the cut ends in the glue.

    There are so many different ways of making bows, but this method works very quickly and the end product looks really nice, too!  Aren’t they cute?

   Maybe this little tutorial on “How To Make Easy DIY Hair Bows For Little Girls” will inspire you to make some for the little girls in your life.



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    1. The peach ribbon for the bow in the picture is 1″ ribbon but I have used up to 2″ ribbon for the larger jig, too. I haven’t tried ribbon wider than 2″. If you need to make a larger one using larger ribbon, just space the wooden skewers out farther. I use the smaller jig for smaller ribbon.

    1. It depends on how big you want the bow to be. The skewers placed 1″ apart make a bow about 4″ wide. If you want a 6″ bow, then you would place the skewers 1-1/2″, an 8″ bow, the measurements would be 2″ apart. Keep in mind that you would need wider ribbon to make larger bows that look right.

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I worked with a lady who owned Oohlaladivaanddudesboutiques and she never wanted to show me how to make this kind of bow for my granddaughter. Lol Yay I’m so excited I can now do this for my granddaughter. 😉 😉 But I do have a question how long does the ribbon have to be? For the bow and the middle.

    1. Hi Maria,
      You are so welcome! These are so quick and easy to make with the jig! To answer your question, using 1-1/2″ ribbon on the jig with the markings and skewers 1-1/8″ apart, 45″ of ribbon would give you plenty to make the bow, tie it, and have extra to trim the ends.
      If you use a smaller jig with the spacing 7/8″ apart, it would take less than 30″ of 5/8″ ribbon. It really depends on how far you space the skewers on the jig and the width of the ribbon you use.
      It is so inexpensive to make these! Have fun making them!

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