How To Make Your Christmas Tree Even More Beautiful!

December 7, 2016

    Are you wondering How To Make Your Christmas Tree, Even More, Beautiful?

Awhile back when Sophia and I were shopping, we saw Christmas trees at Macy’s. I noticed one of the trees had a ribbon treatment, which I had never seen before. Multiple pieces of ribbon were layered together and they were festooned on the Christmas tree.  The end result looked rich and gorgeous!


    When I finally got the chance to go shopping, I found this beautiful swirled gold pattern on this red ribbon at Sam’s.  The spool had 50 yards of wired ribbon and was only $6.95 a spool.  What a deal!  

   With the ribbon in mind, I ended up at Michael’s and their deal of the day was 70% off their Christmas picks!  Although the remaining decorations were pretty much picked over, I found the gold glittered picks, which seemed perfect to repeat the swirled pattern.  The glittery red poinsettias didn’t look like much all glommed and folded together.  After picking one up and manipulating the glittery leaves to look like a poinsettia, it really looked pretty.  Ten of each of these went into the shopping cart.

   After a little research, I found that these swirls of clustered ribbon were created by cutting lengths of ribbon and stapling them together.  In order for the ribbons to open up, each needed to be a little longer than the one cut before.   

   The first piece I made was cut about 36″ long.  Using that ribbon as a guide, I cut the next ribbon about 2″ longer, the next 2″ longer than the one before, and so on.  Four ribbons were cut in total.  (After making that one, I decided 1″ longer was preferable to me.  The rest of the ribbons were cut with a 1″ difference.)

    First one down, I ended up deciding to make the ribbons a little longer, about 42″ for the first, 43″ for the second, 44″ for the third, etc.  After all, the lower part of the tree is larger than the top.  Instead of using four ribbon pieces, five pieces of ribbon were cut and stapled together, lining up the cut ribbon at both ends.

    The first one I made, I overlapped the ends and covered up the cut ends.  Waste of time!  Not necessary and kind of a pain to do, too.  The ends are tucked into and hidden in the branches anyway.

   The first ribbon cluster was started at the top of the tree and wound and looped.  Then, the end was tucked back into the branches.

    The next ribbon cluster was started close to the first, tucked, looped, and artfully fashioned around the tree.   The ribbons can be separated slightly to show a little more of the other ribbon edges.  I went back and tweaked the ribbons, sliding the ribbons slightly to show more here and there.

    Doesn’t this look gorgeous?  Just think about a single ribbon being in the place of this.  It wouldn’t have near the impact, would it?

   Having draped ribbon on many of our trees before, this is definitely the most beautiful treatment.   Just so you know, almost the entire roll of 50 yards of ribbon was used for the ribbon clusters.

    Now, the ornaments will be added to the tree, but this ribbon treatment and the picks along with the lights is stunning!

   Are you wondering How To Make Your Christmas Tree, Even More, Beautiful?    Maybe this will inspire you!




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