Create An Easy Apothecary Jar Snow Scene Complete With Lights

Create An Easy Apothecary Jar Snow Scene Complete With Lights

December 15, 2016

   Create An Easy Apothecary Jar Snow Scene Complete With Lights.  Simple and elegant, anyone can make one of these.  Granted, you may have to fiddle with things a little, but you can create a nice little vignette to add to your holiday decor.

    This glass apothecary jar was bought from the craft store.  It was the largest I could find.   Ever frugal, I used a 50% off coupon for it.  Even though it was the largest, I did have some problems finding the item to fit into it!

    At first, the idea of a snowman scene included in those little ceramic Christmas village pieces you can buy at the craft stores was part of my plan.  Yeah, it was too big for the part of the jar that is recessed.  Although the bowl part was plenty big, it had to go through that smaller part of the neck! 

   The thought of making my own little cardboard house came to mind, but I found this little church ornament and it also lights!  

    The front door has the ‘Snowman Wreath‘ I made a few weeks, ago.  The Christmas tree on the catwalk has white lights.  The pine bough across the banister rail is decorated with a heavy coat of faux snow.  Snowflakes, suspended in air with fishing line, create an arch to walk through into the family room.  Do you see a snow theme going here?

     The apothecary jar snow scene seemed to be the perfect addition to this area.  The little church ornament is white with snow, glitter, and gold accents.   

    To begin with, I bought the little ornament, the faux snow, and lights with a battery pack.  (Batteries are not supplied with it.)  This particular light set was a little more expensive than the one for the lantern with the deer.  The great thing about it is that it has an on, off, and a 6-hour self-timer switch.  You flip the switch at the precise time you want it to come on each day and it will stay lit for 6-hours automatically.  Each day, it will turn on at that time and turn off 6-hours later.  It works like a dream.

    So, my plan was to place the battery pack in a glass, wrap the string of lights around it and place in the apothecary jar.  Thinking that the battery pack could be encased in two glasses, one upside down and fitted inside the other, I searched through the cabinets and came up with these two glasses.  Perfect, right?

    Although it fit perfectly inside the two glasses and would have cut down on the snow needed, when I put the little church on top, it was too tall.   The church went up inside the neck too far.  Guess a smaller church ornament would have worked better.

   So, I tried one glass upside down.  Nope.  That didn’t work either.  Although this might work for you, the glass just was not working for me.   Not one to give up, I brainstormed.   I thought it just needed something clear to sit atop.

    A small glass from a picture frame came to mind.  The glass was taped to both ends of the battery pack and it was placed upside down in the jar.  The church was set atop and the whole thing slid sideways.


      The glass against the glass jar was too slippery.  So, I remembered I had some clear rubber bumper pads and positioned them on all four corners of the battery pack.   That worked.  The rubber pads caught on the glass and the battery pack stayed in place.  (I re-positioned the one on the left to hang just over the edge like the others.)

    The little church was placed on top of the glass taped to the battery pack and the faux snow was poured around the base of the ornament, covering the lights.

    Then, the lid was positioned on top of the jar and the jar was placed on a tray on the table in the foyer.  Some greenery was circled around the jar and a few pine cones were also strategically placed on the greenery.  To finish it off, a bow of a sparkly white and silver ribbon was made and placed in the front and to the side of the jar.

    It’s funny that so little went into this jar with the little snow scene.  It does make a stunning impact during the day but especially as the sun sets.

   Maybe this will inspire you to Create An Easy Apothecary Jar Snow Scene Complete With Lights!


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