You Need Easy Elegant DIY Easter Egg Decorations?

You Need Easy Elegant DIY Easter Egg Decorations?

January 29, 2017

   You Need Easy Elegant DIY Easter Egg Decorations?  These beautiful eggs are so easy, even a child can make them.  Last year, I helped my granddaughter, Sophie, made some of these for herself.  She did a great job!

  These Easter eggs were created using real egg shells. Each egg had holes carefully pierced in both ends with a needle.   Placing your mouth over the hole in one end, blow through the hole.  This may take a little effort but the contents of the egg, the yolk, and albumin, will begin to spill from the hole in the other end.  Be sure you are holding the egg over a bowl!

   * It helps for the yolk to be broken inside.  Cover each hole with a finger and shake the egg.  This should bust the egg yolk and it will be easier for the contents to flow out of the hole.  

 The egg shells then need to be gently washed and dried.  

   You will also need Mod Podge and a paintbrush to apply the Mod Podge and the napkins.  I used the matte finish, but it doesn’t necessarily matter.  If you have a gloss finish, it would work fine, too.  You will need scissors to cut out the designs.

    Clear glitter is what makes these eggs beautifully sparkle and gives them such a lovely elegance.  It is not a necessity.  You could stop at this point but the glitter helps cover up where the papers overlap and gives such a beautiful finish, why wouldn’t you use it?


   You will also need decorative napkins of your choosing.  When choosing these, think of how you will cut and place the designs on the egg shell. Obviously, you won’t want a really large design that won’t be recognizable when cut and glued to the egg.

    The napkins I chose for this had a lot of elements, which could be cut out independently and many new designs could be created.  Notice that I also bought the napkins in the same design in coordinating colors?  If you do this, it will assure that the final decorated eggs will look great together and have a cohesive look.

   Have you ever noticed that decorative paper napkins have multiple thin layers of paper?  The top layer has the print or design on it.  The bottom layers are usually plain white.  


   What you want to do is peel off those bottom layers to reveal a thin tissue-like top layer with the design on it.


  Then elements of the design, or in some cases a whole section, can be cut out and clipped to fit nicely around the egg.   If the design doesn’t fit flatly on the curve of the egg, dab a little Mod Podge on the egg shell, place the middle of the cut tissue design on the dab of glue and snip small slices or in some cases “V’s”  around the edge so the paper will lay flat. (This is a pretty forgiving project!)  

    Then, dab glue onto the egg shell under the tissue edges and smooth the paper down with your brush.  Sometimes, I use the brush handle to roll over the tissue paper, which helps flatten and smooth the layer.

     Continue to paint the Mod Podge onto the egg, a little at a time, and place the napkin design carefully, creating a one of a kind look.  (It’s easier to apply the glue to the egg and then lay the napkin on it, not vice versa.) The holes you made in the egg ends need to be covered with some of the napkin, too!

Then, you won’t even know they are there!

    Next, the eggs need to be allowed to dry, and after drying, more Mod Podge needs to be applied to the entire egg and quickly rolled in a bowl of Crystal Clear glitter.

   Again, the eggs need to dry.  When they are completely dry,  you can place them in a bowl or basket with Easter grass.

  The clear Easter grass showcases the eggs and doesn’t compete with the colors. Don’t the eggs look great?  Don’t You Need Easy Elegant DIY Easter Egg Decorations?





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