Five Backyard Ideas for Your Spring Garden

5 Backyard Ideas For Your Garden

Five Backyard Ideas for Your Spring Garden

February 3, 2017

Five Backyard Ideas for Your Spring Garden on    
   Spring is just around the corner. Soon, the weather will be a bit warmer, and we’ll get that renewed feeling we’ve so desperately craved for after months of nothing but the coldness of winter. Part of this so-called rebirth also entails having the inspiration to clean up, become invigorated, and, finally, get organized. Yes, there’s a lot of work to be done at home – spring-cleaning to be exact.

   Ronique Wilson of Freshome even teaches us ways on how to be more efficient when doing this. However, we still need to put extra focus on one particular part of our home: the garden. With that in mind, here’s a rundown on how to get our outdoor living spaces ready for the spring season.

Make an Inventory

   Way before going online to shop, visiting stores, or hitting the inspiration boards, we should first make an inventory of what we have in-house. Take note of the tools and/or furniture that needs replacing or repairing.  Note that stores – land-based and digital – often promote pre-season sales, which is why it’s better to purchase weeks before the actual start of spring.

Construct a Fire Pit

   Creating an outdoor fire pit is easy, especially if we have tons of extra materials hanging around the garden. This is ideal for entertaining friends and/or hanging out with family. In addition to providing a place to gather around, it gives your backyard a viable conversation piece.

Consider Adding More Shade

   Obviously, the attraction of being outside during the warmer months is the sunshine. With this, having shades – such as a gazebo – becomes almost a necessity. According to Screwfix, a gazebo creates “a striking focal point to your garden.” What’s more, you have a lot of stylish options when it comes to shades. You can either go for a pergola for the dining or sitting area, or you can buy a Sun Sail for a more modern look, or even opt for a simple umbrella under a treetop.

Add More Lights

   Since a contemporary lighting plan is expensive and requires professionals to install them, you should consider a plethora of practical alternatives out there. You can wrap string lights around trees for an enchanted forest effect, or place them inside a hanging lantern for a strong burst of rustic illumination. Your creative options are limitless, whether in terms of the light you use or where you put them in the backyard.

Five Backyard Ideas for Your Spring Garden on MyHumbleHomeandGarden.comn
5 Backyard Ideas For Your Garden

Incorporate a Bit of Zen

   To cap everything off, it’s recommended to incorporate a little Zen to your garden. You can do this by adding wind chimes or water features. Based on early weather forecasts on Farmer’s Almanac, it’ll be generally cloudy in most parts of the United States come spring, so these features will come in handy. Furthermore, if you want to go grander, you can incorporate a combination of plants and garden sculptures to invite butterflies and hummingbirds.

   Hope these “5 Backyard Ideas For Your Spring Garden” inspire you!



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