Easter Eggs DIY – It’s Easy to Decorate With Decoupage

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Easter Eggs DIY – It’s Easy to Decorate With Decoupage

February 27, 2017

    Easter Eggs DIY – It’s Easy to Decorate With Decoupage.   In the past, I have seen Easter eggs decorated with type from books and thought I would like to create some antique looking eggs.  Then, I came across a pin of two beautiful eggs that I just loved.  

   I was curious how they managed to get the lovely aged color behind the black print.  The pin led me to this site,  Unique Papercrafting Graphic 45.

Upon further investigation, I discovered that it was tissue paper that had been stamped!

    So, I made a little trip to the craft stores and found the ink pad and some botanical and Easter – Springlike stamps.   Remembering that there was some patterned tissue paper in the bin with all the wrapping papers, I sifted through the papers and found three, which seemed to go together well.

     Have you ever heard of ‘StazOn’ ink?  Well, I never had and let me tell you, it does stay on!  It works really well.  

    You must know that I was pretty excited to begin this project.   The plain white tissue paper was placed on the wooden kitchen table and the StazOn ink pad was used to ink the butterfly stamp.  Then stamping began…unknowingly, right through the tissue paper and onto the kitchen table!  

    No big deal, right?  Isopropyl alcohol takes off almost all ink and acrylic paint.  Hmm, not so much.  It lifted a little.  This was not so critical; the tabletop needed to be refinished anyway.  Getting ribbed by Dave was another story.

   Brainstorming, I remembered the ‘Magic Erasers’ and with a little elbow grease, they worked perfectly, but I am pretty impressed with this ink.  You will note that in the pictures, which follow, there was paper protecting the table.

   Anyway, for this project, you will need Mod Podge, stamps of your choice, tissue paper, paintbrush, StazOn ink pad, and eggs with the contents blown out of them. 

    The instructions on the Graphic 45 website said to tear the paper but I like to cut in strategic locations so that the design desired will be showing.  You can see that glue was brushed under the bunny’s belly.  That was where gluing began.  The design was kind of large for the egg and positioned strategically.  

     This paper had lines of color printed on it and most of the cuts followed them.  After the cut sections were glued, the bunny’s pants overlapped the tissue on either side.

    You can see there are some wrinkles in the tissue paper but using the rounded handle of the paint brush or the X-Acto knife, those can easily be rolled out before the Mod Podge is completely dry.

    Wanting to preserve the ‘B’ design, it was cut around and glued over the top of the type and flourishes on the previously glued tissue sections.  You don’t want a lot of layers and sometimes, at the bottom of one of those sections, snipping off an unnecessary piece is easily done.

    Patiently, continue gluing the tissue paper onto the egg shell.  Continue adding tissue paper, trimming as necessary, until the entire egg is covered.  If you put the glue mostly under the paper, it won’t be so sticky and you should be able to cover the entire egg with no problem.   If you apply too much glue on top, you might have to allow the glue to dry before completing and then finishing any white spaces left.

    In the picture above, you can see cuts made along the bunny’s ears so they would ultimately be glued on top.  In my mind, tearing would not produce the best results in this case.

    Remember to use the rounded handle of your brush or X-Acto knife to gently roll over and smooth the wrinkles from the tissue paper.  Then, let the egg dry.  

    Aren’t these gorgeous?  I liked the muted colors of these tissue papers, but you could use any colors you like.  Fresh spring colors would create an entirely different look.


     I love this vintage look!  What do you think?  Inspired to make some of your own?   Easter Eggs DIY – It’s Easy to Decorate With Decoupage!




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