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DIY Cat Costume - For Girls With Attitude on

DIY Cat Costume For Girls!  This is going to make an adorable, fashion-forward costume for Sophia, my granddaughter!  A picture from an ad for Target in an old magazine inspired Sophia’s costume this year.  We both started brainstorming as soon as I showed it to her.DIY Cat Costume - For Girls With Attitude on

Cat Costume Plan

Yes, she wants bracelets and we have plans to make some to match!  I think the little plain black choker necklace we made earlier will be perfect to go with this outfit!

Tiffany, who is a hair stylist, and Sophia will figure out the hairstyle and do her nails in perfect feline fashion for Halloween night!

 At first, she said she wanted to be a black panther but a golden leopard print would definitely enhance her coloring.  From my fabric stash, I retrieved some leopard print fabric leftover from an evening dress I made for Sophia’s mother when she was in high school!  As soon as she saw it, she grabbed it and started feeling the soft fabric and the black panther idea was history.  (She is a sucker for soft fabrics!)DIY Cat Costume - For Girls With Attitude on

A trip to the fabric stores left me a little disappointed.  I couldn’t find the same fabric, which looked richer and had more of a nap to it, but I did find a leopard print.  There was very little left on the bolt and I grabbed it while I could.  You can see a difference in the picture below.DIY Cat Costume - For Girls With Attitude on MyHumbleHomeandGarden.comDIY Cat Costume - For Girls With Attitude on

McCall’s pattern M7492 seemed to be a perfect pattern for this little costume.  Sophia really liked the arm gauntlet and wants the sleeveless dress.

The dress is going to be made from the newly purchased fabric but the ears will be made from the fabric scrap we already had.  It’s a little more plush and Sophia wants to use it.  What do you think?  Black velvet for the inside of the ears?

We also bought a couple of boas for the tail and maybe we will sew some around the neckline and along the hemline. (We are an Amazon affiliate and will receive a small percentage of any sales through these links at no cost to you.  Thanks for supporting this website.) 

DIY Cat Costume - For Girls With Attitude on


At first I had planned to buy black boas but Sophia and I spotted these with brown coloring online and thought they would be perfect and yes they are!


Only 3 pattern pieces are needed for the little dress and 1 pattern piece for the arm gauntlet.  It took no time to lay out the fabric and cut out the pattern.  There are no facings.  The arm hole and neckline edges are folded back and stitched.  How easy is that?   

It would be easy to substitute a different simple A-line dress pattern to create a similar look.

DIY Cat Costume - For Girls With Attitude on









This little dress went together quickly in one afternoon!  The pattern calls for a knit fabric, and with that extra stretch,making the narrow hem was easy on the neckline, the armholes, and the bottom of the skirt.  The arm gauntlets were really easy to make, too.DIY Cat Costume - For Girls With Attitude on

Now, I’m waiting for Sophia to drop by, try on the dress to make sure it fits, and decide whether to add the boa around the neckline and around the hem. DIY Cat Costume – For Girls With Attitude update coming Monday…

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DIY Cat Costume - For Girls With Attitude on


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