How To Easily Make Beautiful Christmas Ornament Garland

How To Easily Make Beautiful Christmas Ornament Garland on


DIY Christmas Ornament Garland

To make your own ornament garland, you will need some wire, wire cutters, and a large washer.  Then, you will need to make a picture frame wire knot.  This knot will hold the wire securely on the washer.  (I used some 24 gauge wire that I had in my craft supplies.  You want to be sure the wire is strong enough to hold the ornaments without breaking and yet strong enough to support the ornaments.)

How To Easily Make Beautiful Christmas Ornament Garland on


To make the knot, run the wire through a washer and back alongside itself.How To Easily Make Beautiful Christmas Ornament Garland on


Bring the wire over and around itself and back through the washer. 


That makes a little slipknot. The slip knot keeps it tight on the washer.





How To Easily Make Beautiful Christmas Ornament Garland on


Then, twist the wire around the base of the knot a few times.  Clip the tail off close to the wire.







Once the wire was securely attached to the washer, the washer was placed on a nail head, which has been used for attaching garland in the past.  (You can use the Command hooks for this instead.  Earlier, a couple of the clear damage-free Command hooks were strategically placed on the mantel for a place to drape the wire garland.) 

To measure how much wire was needed, the wire was draped over both of the Command hooks, looped down, back up, and across the fireplace to the other side where another small nail used for garland was positioned.   A generous amount of extra wire was added to the rough measurement and then the wire was cut.  Remember that when the ornaments are added to the wire, there will be added bulk and that will change the length of wire needed to drape nicely.

Then, I began to string red, white, gold, and silver ball ornaments on the wire.  Red was the intentional predominant color.  We have a variety of red ornaments in different textures.  There are red and white satin balls we bought in 1978!  There are a variety of plastic ball ornaments, which were purchased at end of the season sales over the years.  We also have some glass ornaments but I chose not to use them on this garland, fearing they might break.  Two more canisters of shatterproof red plastic ornaments were purchased for this project to add to those we already had.  (We are an Amazon affiliate and may receive a small percentage of any sales from this link.  Thanks for supporting this website!)How To Easily Make Beautiful Christmas Ornament Garland on

Don’t you just love this look?  I don’t know why we haven’t done this before!  After stringing these few and placing the strand on the mantel, stepping back, I was just struck by the beauty of it.


Anyway, for each shiny red plastic ball I used on the first side, I set aside a matching one for the other side.  For each glittered red ball, one was set aside for the other side, etc.  My plan was to duplicate the pattern in reverse on the other end.  I didn’t want one side to be visually heavier than the other.  (It probably would have been just fine if I hadn’t done this.  Lol!)  In retrospect, maybe I should have started in the middle and worked on both sides at the same time.  Oh, well!


A few of the balls popped off of the end How To Easily Make Beautiful Christmas Ornament Garland on MyHumbleHomeandGarden.comcap due to stress on them being bunched together.  This is not a problem.  Just use some Tacky glue to apply liberally to the opening of the ball, click it back on the cap and allow it to dry.  If you pick it back up before it is completely dry, it might pop off again, ahem, not that I did that.

Remember to leave some slack in the wire so that the washers, on the end, and the Command hooks can easily be reached with the wire.  If the balls are packed on too tightly, it will be impossible to loop on the hooks or nails.

The measurement of the fireplace where the ornament garland is placed is 72″ wide.  The final length of the ornament garland is 8 – 1/2 feet.

How To Easily Make Beautiful Christmas Ornament Garland on

In order to make placement a little easier, I measured, and with a ribbon, marked where the garland wire should drape over the hooks.  You could also use another piece of wire to wrap around the garland wire and secure to the hooks if you happen to pack the balls on too tightly.  There is always a way over, under, around, or through, right?

Although I had not planned to, the Papier- Mâché Lady Snowman and the Papier- Mâché Snowman are on the fireplace mantel.  I picked up the letter ‘J’, the letter ‘Y’, and the big red jingle bell at Hobby Lobby earlier this season.  I had a vision of what the mantel would look like but after seeing the Snowmen with the letters, I changed my mind!  The original snowman will ultimately be featured on the table in the foyer.  I’m working on another one with a hat to take his place on the fireplace mantel.  How To Easily Make Beautiful Christmas Ornament Garland on

Alright!  I LOVE this Beautiful Christmas Ornament Garland!  The picture does not do it justice.  It is so simple to make!  Can you imagine this in your favorite color combination?  The possibilities are endless!  What do you think?

How To Easily Make Beautiful Christmas Ornament Garland on MyHumbleHomeandGarden.comHow To Easily Make Beautiful Christmas Ornament Garland on

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