How To Make A Snowman You’ll Love

How To Make A Snowman You'll Love on

Want to make a snowman you’ll love?  Making these Papier-mâché Snowmen is so much fun!  This is the third snowman I’ve created using the same Papier-mâché used for the pumpkins earlier this year.  Creating those was so much fun, too!  What can I make for spring?  Hmmm…

How To Make A Snowman You'll Love on

How to make a snowman?  This little snowman, (With his hat, he stands 12″ high.), was made in the same way the other snowman and the lady snowman were made, using a newspaper sleeve and crumpled newspaper.  A warning here, after you make a snowman, making these can become addictive!

You may think that I had a vision when each of these was started but that is not really the case.  For Frosty, I knew he would be wearing the earmuffs.  For Ellie, (It just seemed an appropriate name for her.), the Lady Snowman, I knew she would be wearing a red hat.  The last snowman, Archie Frost, (My friend, Cyndi, named him!) would be wearing a top hat.


Beyond that, they just began to take shape as the clay was applied and the arms were shaped.  Archie reminded me of a dancing snowman at first.  The way his arms happened to be positioned, it just seemed right. 

How To Make A Snowman You'll Love on


Then, a little bird perched on his hand came to mind, and there you go.  Perfect!


For complete instructions on how to make a snowman, click here ►How to Make A Papier Mache Snowman from the beginning.

After he was completely dry, he was painted white, antiqued, and clear glitter was applied just like the other two before him.  He looks adorable just like this, but wouldn’t he just be perfect with a top hat?

How To Make A Snowman You'll Love on



Instructions On How To Make A Top Hat

How To Make A Snowman You'll Love on


To make this hat, I actually used the same brim pattern I cut out of an advertisement for the Lady Snowman’s hat.  Ellie and Archie had heads that were about the same diameter.  The hat I envisioned was a little wider at the top than it was at the base.  So, I cut a piece of newspaper, which would fit the inner circle of the hat brim.  Then, I sliced the top of the crown pattern, as you can see in the picture, to open it up a little.  You can see that making your own pattern is pretty simple.

How To Make A Snowman You'll Love on


Using that piece as a pattern, and leaving those spaces open, I traced it on another piece of newspaper.  Then, it was folded in half, pinned to a piece of folded black felt, and cut out.  You can see the brim was cut, too, but a little width was added to the brim.  

Not shown in the picture, but also necessary, is a 4″ circle of black felt, (or whatever size fits your crown), for the top of the hat.How To Make A Snowman You'll Love on


The piece for the crown was folded in half and a 1/8″ seam was stitched on the loose edge, which would be the back seam.





How To Make A Snowman You'll Love on


Fold the brim in half and mark the fold with straight pins.  Fold the brim in the opposite direction and mark these folds.

Divide the crown into quarters in the same way.  Then, match up the pins and pin the two pieces together, adding more pins to secure the pieces.How To Make A Snowman You'll Love on


Sew around the pinned opening, 1/8″ from the edge.How To Make A Snowman You'll Love on





A four-inch circle was cut for the top of the hat.  The top edge of the crown and the circle were divided into fourths with the straight pins and that edge was sewn in a 1/8″ seam.  

How To Make A Snowman You'll Love on



Clip the threads and turn it right side out and you have a hat!  How simple is that?

A piece of red velvet ribbon was attached by using a tiny dab of Tacky Glue in the front, on the right side, the back, and on the loose ends on the left side.  A little sprig of holly was glued where the two ends came together.How To Make A Snowman You'll Love on

I think this is my favorite so far!  Each has his own personality!

How to make a snowman you’ll LOVE?  It’s really easy!  Hope this inspires you to make one of your own.  Another newspaper sleeve with crumpled paper stuffed inside with a wadded up ball of paper for a head sits beside me right now.  Yes, a collection begins.

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How To Make A Snowman You'll Love on

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