Woodside Velour Daylilies

June 23, 2014    At the end of July in 2007, Dave and I visited the neatest little family owned daylily farm in Warsaw, Kentucky.  It was called ‘Sugarbay Daylilies’.  What a wonderful place!    We walked through fields of daylilies, made our choices, wrote them down and took them back to the little store.… Read More

Asiatic Lilies

June 22, 2014    In the garden, the Asiatic Lilies have begun to bloom.  These have been in my garden, on the southwest side of our home, for about fourteen years.  They have multiplied and done well with little or no care.    Unfortunately, this past winter seems to have taken its toll even on… Read More

One Amazing Fish Tower DIY

June 15, 2014    Last week, I saw the most incredible thing on Pinterest, a fish tower!  A German gentleman created a tower in his pond.     My mind immediately started racing, trying to figure out how to do this in my water garden.  My accomplice in most of my undertakings here at home is… Read More

Water Garden and Fish Pond

Koi verses Feeder Fish June 13, 2014   My pond and water garden has been in existence for about fifteen years now.  In the beginning, I bought koi.  They were rather expensive little boogers.  Well, they all died.  I took a sample of my water to the local pet store and they told me the water… Read More

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