‘Roseum Elegans’ Rhododendron

May 14, 2014    On the northeast corner of our home, we planted a ‘Roseum Elegans’ rhododendron.  It takes very little care, just watering in late summer if we haven’t had rain.    This rhododendron is a vigorous-growing, medium-sized evergreen shrub, and is valued for its large trusses of rose-lilac flowers. It thrives in cooler… Read More

Bathroom Towel Display

 May 13, 2014    Isn’t this the neatest towel display?  This display was in our bathroom at the Beaufort Inn in Beaufort, South Carolina.    I don’t know about you, but their attention to little details impresses me.     Seriously, I have never seen a towel displayed like this before.  The hand towel was… Read More

Patio Inspirations

May 10, 2014    Between the Beaufort Inn and all of the inn’s little cottages,  is this tranquil garden and patio.  It is not over the top with color, just soothing green plants, lots of white flowers,  and a  beautiful soft pink rose adorned the arbor on the side of the building.    Sometimes restraint… Read More

Butter Rich Rolls

Butter Rich Rolls – Made With A Bread Machine 1 cup Milk                                                  1-1/2 Tblsp. Crisco shortening 1/4 cup Sugar                        … Read More

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