The Fairy Garden

  March 2014

   This week, I saw Fairy Garden Homes at Showplace Garden Center here in Hebron.  They are made of concrete and are so cute, but being the do-it -yourself-er that I am, my imagination went wild.

               Excited about the Fairy Garden, Sophie drew fairies on our chalkboard.

  I am thinking of making the buildings of hypertufa.   You can find the instructions here or another helpful site here.

    Sophie and Aidan each bought a tiny plant, (They actually have tiny plants for Fairy Gardens!) and we are planning a Fairy Garden next to our fish pond.  Photos and instructions to follow….

Miniature plants for the Fairy Garden

   3 April 2014

 Aren’t these adorable?  The miniature plants are in 2″ pots.  Aidan chose the top left plant, peperomia.   Sophie chose the pink splash plant on the bottom left and I chose the tiny ivy.  


Miniature Plants For The Fairy Garden on
Miniature Plants

   Aidan says we need to buy two plants each time we visit Showplace Garden Center.


Planting Miniature Plants on
Miniature Plants For The Fairy Garden

   Danielle, who works at Showplace Garden Center, gave Sophie and Aidan a mini-course on watering, when to trim the leaves, and general plant care.

    Aidan has decided to have a gnome home instead of a fairy home. Since we are making the Fairy/GnomeHomes, I gave them the choice of a round, square or rectangular home.

    Aidan promptly asked if he could choose a trapezoid.  Ok, well, I guess we could do that… later!  He just turned seven in December; was not expecting that!


   They are so excited about this project!


   Searching for hypertufa recipes on the web, I found a recipe, which sounds pretty good for our little homes.  1 part perlite, 1 part peat moss, 1 part Portland cement and 1 part contractor’s sand and water.


   Our plan is to start with a couple of small homes first and see how the recipe works.  We can tweak the recipe if need be, before tackling a bigger home.

   More to follow…

14 April 2015 – ***Update on the Fairy Garden   

   All of the supplies for the fairy garden homes were purchased last spring in anticipation of making the cutest little fairy houses you have ever seen.  Unfortunately, sometimes life gets in the way.

   An unfortunate set of events prevented the time to make them.  One of my daughters and one of my sons, each had some very difficult days, weeks, and months.  We made it through all of the hard times and fortunately, we go on, so the struggles of last year are just a memory now. 

   Just like the beautiful beginning of spring, it is another fresh opportunity to finish creating what we started last spring. 

   In the meantime, I found a website by a lovely Canadian woman, Marthe  Cook, “The Fairy Garden Lady”, who creates little stone fairy houses.   For her website, click hereThe Fairy Garden Lady.


   After reading her page, I think we should make at least one little stone house.  Fortunately for us, Dave needed some pea gravel for a drainage project in the back yard.  I asked him to save a bucket of the pea gravel for the fairy garden.  At the time, I was thinking more of paths, but then I saw Marthe’s little stone fairy houses!  I think the kids would really enjoy helping put the pebbles on even more than helping with the hypertufa!  I can’t wait until they come over this week to tell them about the little stone houses for the fairy garden.

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