Easter and Spring Decor

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Easter and Spring Decor

   2015 –   My Spring Sideboard Display for this Easter sits underneath an oil on canvas painting I painted many years ago.  I love flowers and, of course, this is one of my personal favorites of my oil paintings.  I have either given away or sold most of my other paintings.

    This little basket serving tray usually rests on the coffee table in the living room with a little stack of books, mostly James Whitcomb Riley books of poetry and stories.  I love his stories about  The Raggedy Man and especially The Bear Story.  A teapot and a bowl of shells gathered from some of our trips to the beach also sit on the tray.

    Since this was more of a spring or Easter display the idea of the basket seemed appropriate.  The daffodils are from my garden.  I love daffodils.  They are just so cheery.  They are spilling out of a little green cherub pitcher, which I found at an antique shop in Morehead City or Beaufort, North Carolina.  I am not sure which.

    The bunny on the right is one of two.  They look like chocolate and that is precisely why I bought them!  The little square plates are to a set of Asian dishes, which I purchased at Dillard’s.  I love the entire set.

    The napkins are a couple, which I made to coordinate with a tablecloth. The tray is resting on a table runner, which I made many years ago.  The embroidery on it is called candle wicking.  It is done on cotton muslin and sewn with cotton thread.  The design is mostly done in French knots.  It is one of my favorite runners.

Pansy Violas

Easter and Spring Decor - Pansy Violas on MyHumbleHomeandGarden.com

   The little pansy violas I bought this week were so adorable, I wanted to have some inside.  Remembering I had this little bunny from Homegoods, (one of my favorite places to shop) I wrapped the root ball in plastic wrap and tucked one of the plants in the little pot.

    I am thinking it looks so much better than the eggs I had previously placed in there.

    It will be a nice addition to our Easter buffet in a couple of weeks.

Easter 2014

   Sophia and I looked all over for a large chocolate bunny.  We finally found one at Walgreen’s Pharmacy.  He sits, watching over the chocolate covered strawberries we made.

Easter and Spring Decor - Chocolate Bunny and Chocolate Covered Strawberries on MyHumbleHomeandGarden.com

   The strawberries were organic from the grocery store.  Although we have strawberries in the garden, they are not bearing fruit yet!

   We melted a cup of chocolate chips and stirred in one tablespoon of vegetable oil.   Then dipped the strawberries in the melted chocolate.

DIY Napkin Covered Eggs

Easter and Spring Decor - Easter Egg DIY on My Humble Home and Garden.com

  These Easter eggs were created from real eggshells. Each egg had a hole in both ends made by using a needle, and the yolk and albumin were blown out through one of the holes.   The egg shells were then gently washed and dried.  I used decorative paper napkins and peeled off all layers to reveal a thin tissue top layer. Then elements of the design, or in some cases a whole section, were cut out and clipped to fit nicely around the egg.

Easter and Spring Decor - Easy DIY Elegant Easter Eggs on My Humble Home and Garden.com

   Mod Podge was then painted onto the egg and the napkin design was placed carefully, creating a one of a kind look. The eggs were allowed to dry and then more Mod Podge was applied to the entire egg and rolled in Crystal Clear glitter.  The eggs were allowed to dry and placed in a bowl with clear Easter grass.  The clear Easter grass showcases the eggs and doesn’t compete with the colors. Easter and Spring Decor - DIY Easter Eggs on My Humble Home and Garden

   Don’t the eggs look great?

DIY moss covered bunny on MyHumbleHomeandGarden.com
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