Elf on the Shelf

   Jingles has become such a part of our Christmas tradition here at our home.  Each visit after Thanksgiving, Sophia and Aidan bust in the door and ask, “Where is Jingles?”  They look through the house and usually burst out laughing, which delights their grammy!

   David says I enjoy Jingles more than the grandkids do and he may be right.  Watching their little faces as they see him, sometimes mocking them, and their realization of why he is doing those things gives me great pleasure.

    At first, I didn’t think to take pictures of him, but now there are pictures of some of his antics at our home, which you can see below.  Hope they inspire your inner child…

One morning, Jingles was just hanging around on the Jingle Bell Wreath!

   Last year, Jingles had delivered a note from Santa for Aidan and Sophia.  He was perched in the kitchen window between Merry and Christmas.

   After Jingles had climbed out of his “delivery box” this year, he laid back on a couple of pillows in the living room.   He watched as Sophia and Aidan emptied the box and found some treats for each of them from The Northpole.

   Aidan loves Spiderman.  So, using some upholstery thread, Jingles was tied upside down to one of the spindles on the catwalk overlooking our family room.  Aidan’s comment as he tilted his head sideways and investigated the hanging Jingles was, “How did he get that mask?”

   Jingles, just relaxing with Santa.

   One day Jingles was caught peeking out of Aidan’s stocking.

When Aidan saw the elf with his car, he just laughed.

Then, indignantly, he said, “Hey, that’s my favorite car!”

Will found Jingles in the cabinet on this day and asked why he was in the cabinet!

   Aidan and Sophie squealed with delight when they caught sight of Jingles dangling a pair of Aidan’s underwear from the curtain top.  Aidan insisted that they were dirty, which they were not.  However, he delighted in telling everyone that they were.

   One day Aidan was playing with his AirSoft gun and started acting silly and sticking the darts on his nose.  The next day, Jingles had a dart stuck on his nose!

   Aidan and Sophia had been playing with balloons all day at Grammy’s house.  So, of course, Jingles had one the next day when they arrived.

   Jingles was modeling Sophia’s jewelry the day after she and her friends were playing dress-up and trying on jewelry.

2014, the doorbell rings and Jingles makes a grand entrance just after we finished our Thanksgiving meal.

Jingles was whispering to the Snowman Santa among all the Santa’s in the collection on the sideboard.

                                    Jingles seemed to be making a new friend with Sophia’s Barbie doll.Jingles on MyHumbleHomeandGarden.com

   Aidan was a little miffed that Jingles would make him a devil!  Sophia just laughed and giggled.

   Jingles was perched on the Christmas countdown tree when Sophia and Aidan arrived here.

Jingles was riding the topiary reindeer on this morning.

Sophia spent the night with us and the next morning Jingles greeted her at the bottom stair, with a pair of her unders.  He appeared to be holding his nose.  Her expression was priceless!

I would like to say that I thought this one up but I did not.  I saw it on Pinterest and thought it was hysterical!  One of the best yet, don’t you think?

   Jingles harnessed the Jingle dog!  When Aidan saw it, he wanted to know where Jingles got that sleigh!

Jingles used candy cane skis and straw ski poles to ski down the bird cage on the armoire in the family room.

   A pack of elf kisses for Aidan and Sophia sat on Jingles’ lap.  I saw the poem on Pinterest but created a label with an actual picture of their ‘Jingles’ on it.  The kids recognized his picture immediately.

Jingles is holding a piece of candy, lazing in the candy jar.  (It appears that he is holding the candy.  A needle and thread were used to secure the candy to his hand.) 


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