Wall Planters For The Patio Wall

April 30, 2014

   After it was hung,  I realized a second one above the pond on the other side would create a more pleasing, symmetrical look.  Back to the store, I went, but they were all gone. 

   Last year I found the same kind and size on sale for 40% off the regular price.  Yes, I bought the matching one.  Dave finally hung it above the fish pond a couple of weeks ago.

   This year I used a couple of layers of burlap as a liner again.  I am not a fan of the coconut fiber liners.  My flowers seemed to desperately need water every day.  Last year it seemed the burlap worked a lot better.

   Pinterest had a lot of posts on using baby diapers in the bottom of your pots and I tried that this year in all of the pots and planters.  I researched what people were saying and it seems they were getting good results and having to water less often.  Who wouldn’t want that?

   I cut the diapers in half and lined both planters with them, before adding potting soil.   (To my terra cotta pots, I  also added rocks, a little potting soil, placed half a diaper on top of the soil. Then, each was filled with potting soil before planting more petunias.)   Time will tell whether this was a good idea or not.

   This year white wave petunias are flanked by variegated vinca vines in the matching wall planters.  They don’t look like much right now, but in a couple of weeks, they should fill in nicely.

    Yes, the white and green may not be all that creative, but in the evenings, the white does show up nicely.  I keep telling my children that and they just laugh…

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The Companion Robin In My Garden


April 26, 2014

    Pulling weeds in the garden for the last couple of days, my constant companion has been a robin.  He seemed to be quite curious as I dug the weeds out and put them in my bucket.
The companion Robin on MyHumbleHomeandGarden.com
The Companion Robin

   A worm wriggling in the clump I dug up, caught my attention.  I removed him from the dirt and tangle of roots and tossed him to the robin.  Then I tossed another worm and another.

   At first, he was a bit cautious, but as the day wore on, he became more emboldened.   He walked around me, sometimes only a foot away, turning his head from side to side.  Then he began to sing.

   The part of the garden I was weeding at that point did not have too many worms or bugs.  Apparently, I was not tossing them to him fast enough and he started squawking.

   I am pretty sure, at that moment, he was scolding me!



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Update on Rooting Roses

April 22, 2014

    The rose stems are now showing callus growth!  At first, I thought this was root growth, but after some investigation found that it is the precursor to root growth.   It is amazing how much callus growth in just a couple of days.  Reports are that if we have callus growth, the roots are soon to follow.
How to root roses from cuttings on myhumblehomeandgarden.com
How To Root Roses

   The two cuttings were from just the one long stemmed rose.  You can see where I took a knife and cut slightly into the stem just below the leaf node, there appears to be root growth there, too.

How to root roses from cuttings on myhumblehomeandgarden.com
How To Root Roses

   The clippings are still in the glass of water, sitting in my kitchen window.  Soon, I expect to be able to put them in the soil in my garden, here at home in Kentucky.

   Maybe I should give one to Danielle.  After all, it was her rose.


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The Beautiful Crabapple Tree In The Garden


April 21, 2014

The Beautiful Crabapple Tree in the Garden
Crabapple Tree

 The Crabapple Tree in the garden is blooming beautifully.  The weather has been so wonderful,  I have been pulling weeds and working in the garden for the last week.

   Today, as I was pulling the chives out of flower beds, I looked up and was rewarded with the sight of beautiful blossoms on the crabapple.


The Beautiful Crabapple Tree in the Garden
Crabapple Tree Blossoms

 Of course, I ran to get the camera and record the wonder of it.  I love spring!   Are these beautiful or what?


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Tiny Violets In The Garden

April 17, 2014

    The violets are in bloom here in our garden. They are tiny and adorable. The violets were planted a few years ago, and have multiplied some.
Tiny Violets in the Garden on MyHumbleHomeandGarden.com
Tiny Violets in the Garden

    Since I retired this past year, I have really enjoyed them so much more. Having the time to weed my flower gardens this spring has been wonderful!

    Reflecting on my work at the end of the day, and how much I enjoyed the violets, it dawned on me, I needed those violets last April! 

   I made 300 mini desserts for one of my daughter’s friend’s wedding reception. One of the desserts was a French lavender macaron. My plan was to add a candied violet on the top of each of the lavender colored, lavender flavored, macarons.

   I tried to find candied violets locally and could not. Searching the web, I found a site in Europe where I could purchase them. Well….with shipping, the price was not worth it!            Little did I know, I probably had them in my garden and could have candied my own!   Unfortunately, I was working at that time and didn’t even get to see my flower beds.  

    My son’s girlfriend, Alex, came over, I made royal icing, mixed colors and she piped out violets for me. (She is awesome!)

    This year is different. I will be making candied violets, straight from my own garden! No, I am not making 300 desserts for someone right now, but you never know!

    They can also be served in salads and frozen in ice cubes. Be sure to use distilled water, so the cubes are perfectly clear! 

    Side note, I will be planting Nasturiums this year.  They are so pretty and can be used in salads, too.  They are edible, as well, and have a peppery taste.

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