Beautiful Butterfly on Liatris

June 28, 2014

   Apparently, a multitude of Liatris in the garden is quite a draw to bumblebees and butterflies.  For days the bumblebees have been buzzing all over the Liatris, but this morning, this beautiful butterfly was flying from one spike to the next for what seemed like a half-hour, which gave me ample opportunity to take a few pictures.

   As I started focusing on the butterfly, I realized that the bulk of beautifully contrasting color was on the underneath side of the wings.

   On Pinterest, I had seen how a bowl of oranges would attract butterflies, but apparently, they don’t like the ones I put out for them.  Or could it be the huge area of lavender Liatris was too alluring?

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Pardon Me Daylily

June 27, 2014

   Amazingly, I had not realized until posting the lily pictures from my garden, how many lilies are growing in my gardens!

   This is another lily, which we bought from ‘Sugar Bay Daylilies’.  This lily is a small variety called ‘Pardon Me’.  It only grows 18″ tall and the blooms measure 2.75 inches across.

   The bloom is a bright red with a yellow green throat.

   Yes, you probably realize, I love red!  Most of the lilies we purchased were red, different sizes, different shades, but red.

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Woodside Velour Daylilies

June 23, 2014

   At the end of July in 2007, Dave and I visited the neatest little family owned daylily farm in Warsaw, Kentucky.  It was called ‘Sugarbay Daylilies’.  What a wonderful place!

   We walked through fields of daylilies, made our choices, wrote them down and took them back to the little store.  While we enjoyed a drink and sat in the shade, our daylilies were dug for us and brought back to us.  It was a wonderful, relaxing experience.

   They had a special and we took advantage of it.  We got double what we had planned to buy, for just a little more.  That day we purchased two each of  Woodside Velour,

Dragon Lore, Pardon Me, American Revolution, Lottery Winner and Nanuq. These were large clumps and they have done really well in my garden.  What spectacular flowers!

   This is a picture of ‘Woodside Velour’.  The beautiful rose violet flower has a lime green throat.  It is just striking.

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Asiatic Lilies

June 22, 2014

   In the garden, the Asiatic Lilies have begun to bloom.  These have been in my garden, on the southwest side of our home, for about fourteen years.  They have multiplied and done well with little or no care.

   Unfortunately, this past winter seems to have taken its toll even on these hardy lilies.  There are fewer in the garden in comparison to last year, but the ones that have made it are still just as lovely.

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