Mini Cheesecakes and Pecan Tassies

Mini Cherry Cheesecakes and Pecan Tassies on

December 24, 2014

   One of my favorite dessert displays includes mini cheesecakes and pecan tassies. Usually, for Christmas, homemade fudge and vanilla bean sugar cookies are included on the tray.   They look so festive and gorgeous in rows on this Armetale serving platter.Mini Cherry Cheesecakes and Pecan Tassies on

   The recipe for the cheesecake is from Paula Deen’s cookbook, but I found that the regular size was a little awkward to eat.   I have taken her recipe and made it into miniature cheesecakes.  These are one bite of delicious.  All the flavors come together at once, like a party in your mouth!  No, you can’t eat just one…  The other good part is that you won’t have red sauce or cheesecake dripping down your chin!

    The recipe for the pecan tassies is from a Southern Living book from several years ago.  The unique part of this recipe is that the dough has cream cheese in it.  The dough is much lighter and tastier than any other recipe, which I have found up to this point.

Mini Cherry Cheesecakes and Pecan Tassies on

    Click here for the  mini cheesecakes

        and the pecan tassies.


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