Romantic Valentine Mantel To Love and Inspire You!

Romantic Valentine Mantel To Love and Inspire You!

This “Romantic Valentine Mantel To Love and Inspire You” was created in no time.  A white “Love”  wall word sign at Michael’s caught my attention and that was the main inspiration for this mantel.  In my mind, I envisioned a white display with red pops of color. 

Remember the Valentine wreath I made a couple of years ago?  (Instructions here!)   That was to be one of the key elements in this display.  It is incredibly easy to make one of these felt wreaths and they look so GORGEOUS!

As I was removing the Christmas pieces from the mantel, I considered leaving the white trees.  After all, it is still winter right?  The ornament garland, which was made for the Christmas mantel, looked so pretty, I hesitated to take it down.  It is red, white, silver, and gold and the desire to leave it up was pretty strong.  Not one to fight my instincts, I left it up to see how it would go with the finished mantel display.  Who says these ornaments are just for Christmas anyway?

Well, I took down the black clock and replaced it with the white felt Valentine wreath.  I wanted to use the little sock snowman for this Valentine display.  The little snowman looked pretty cute next to the white trees.

Romantic Valentine Mantel To Love and Inspire You! on

One little snowman was not enough, so, I made three more in no time.  I had bought red coordinating socks for this.  If you are not taking pictures of each step and making sure the pictures are all good, these little snowmen can be made in just minutes!  (Snowman Instructions.)

One snowman was made with one of the lady’s socks.  The snowman in the picture on the left is the same size as the first snowman made, which was also made with a lady’s sock.  The snowman on the right was made from a child’s sock.  I made two of these smaller ones.  The hats for those were also made from child’s size socks. Romantic Valentine Mantel To Love and Inspire You! on

A couple of felt flowers were added to the red felt heart with the white blanket stitches.  These were quickly sewn together and if you notice, they were just secured with a straight pin with a round yellow head.

I like the addition of the flowers and am contemplating making more of these to add to the wreath.Romantic Valentine Mantel To Love and Inspire You! on

Oh!  I love the ornament garland with the Valentine display!  And, so it stays to enjoy for a few more weeks.  These items are all things that I LOVE!  Isn’t that perfect for a romantic Valentine mantel?


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How To Make An Adorable Sock Snowman!

How To Make An Adorable Sock Snowman!

Have you seen the adorable sock snowman DIY posts on Pinterest?  When I saw these, I couldn’t resist!  I showed them to Sophie and she was completely on board with the project.  We talked about color combinations.

I know!  Christmas is over, and these would be adorable for Christmas, but winter isn’t over and wouldn’t these little snowmen make cute Valentine decor?

How To Make An Adorable Sock Snowman! on


Most of the items in this picture were picked up at the local Dollar Tree.  The fleece was picked up at the fabric shop and the enamel dots were purchased at Michael’s.

I chose packages of men’s, women’s, and children’s crew socks for the snowmen’s bodies.  The packages have two pairs and that will make four snowmen from each package.

How To Make An Adorable Sock Snowman! on

To begin this project, you will need to choose one of the white crew socks and cut the foot part of the sock from the heel completely across the sock, as shown in the picture.

You can use the leftover top of the sock for a hat, a scarf, or save for another project.


How To Make An Adorable Sock Snowman! on


Place the cut sock in a heavy bottomed glass with the toe down and wrap the cut edge over the top of the glass.  It will be much easier to fill this way.  Pour in rice.  Once filled almost to the top, the rice filled sock can be removed.  The rice will help support it and you can continue filling the desired amount easily.



How To Make An Adorable Sock Snowman! on


Using your hands, shape a neck and determine if you want more rice for the head or if you are happy with what you have.  If you want a larger head, add more.



Using a rubber band, secure the top.

How To Make An Adorable Sock Snowman! on









Shape a neck and add another rubber band to secure it.

How To Make An Adorable Sock Snowman! on

When you have the size head you want and are happy with it, use string to wrap over the top of the rubber band and secure with a double knot.  Over time, rubber bands can disintegrate.  You don’t want your snowman to fall apart! 

How To Make An Adorable Sock Snowman! on




After tying the knots, trim the string close to the knot.  He’s beginning to look like a sock snowman now, isn’t he?




How To Make An Adorable Sock Snowman! on


Next, choose a sock for the snowman’s hat and scarf.   Cut the foot part of the sock off right before the heel.  That will be shaped into a hat.  Cut the top of the sock about 1″ wide to wrap around the neck and another section below that for the scarf tail.  Cut the scarf tail section loop to create a flat piece of fabric.

How To Make An Adorable Sock Snowman! on

To create the pom-pom, on the hat, take a small amount of Poly-fil Cluster Stuff, (or some stuffing or batting), and stuff in the toe section of the sock. 

How To Make An Adorable Sock Snowman! on







Tie a piece of string around the bottom of the pom-pom.  Pull tight, tie a knot, and tie the string into a bow.  Snip the ends to match.
How To Make An Adorable Sock Snowman! on


How To Make An Adorable Sock Snowman! on


Then, with a hot glue gun, apply glue to the lower edge on the outside, a small section at a time, roll up the bottom edge until the entire lower edge is folded up creating a cuff.  Repeat this step, gluing and folding, one more time so that the raw edge is now folded to the inside.

How To Make An Adorable Sock Snowman! on


Take the piece cut from the top of the sock, stretch over the snowman’s head and place over the rubber band and the knotted string around the neck, covering them both.



How To Make An Adorable Sock Snowman! on


Slip the cut loop for the scarf tail under the band around the neck to look like the tail of the scarf.





How To Make An Adorable Sock Snowman! on

Next, you have the fun part, creating an adorable snowman face.  Using a black Sharpie, I covered two of the little enamel dots for his eyes.  You could use hot glue here, but I chose to use Tacky Glue to adhere these to his face.  Have you ever noticed that snowmen look better with their eyes closer together?


How To Make An Adorable Sock Snowman! on



A small piece of an orange pipe cleaner was cut for the nose.  

With scissors, I trimmed the end of his nose to more of a point to resemble a carrot.  A little bit of Tacky Glue was placed on the end of the pipe cleaner and pushed into the sock material.





Do you have a button box?  Well, I do How To Make An Adorable Sock Snowman! on MyHumbleHomeandGarden.comand that is where I found these little red buttons that seemed perfect.  They were glued on, too.

Remember the Valentine stickers picked up from the Dollar Tree?  One little heart sticker was glued to his scarf.

The final step was adding a little blush on his cheeks.  This was added with a Q-Tip dipped in a little cream blush.  How adorably cute is this little sock snowman?

The Papier-mâché Snowman and Lady Snowman I made last year require a lot of patience.  These little snowmen do not.  They are quick and easy to put together.

Sophie and I will be making more of these this week and will share them on our Facebook page!  When you make your sock snowman, please share them here on My Humble Home and Garden Facebook page!

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Make Your Own Ruffled Felt Valentine Wreath

Make Your Own Ruffled Felt Valentine Wreath
 February 3, 2016

Ruffled Valentine Wreath – Part 2 

   Make Your Own Ruffled Felt Valentine Wreath!  This wreath turned out so cute!  It ended up being more simplistic than I had first imagined.  Colorful red and pink flowers were going to be added along with the heart.  Since the heart was the first thing I made from the red felt, it was the first thing placed on the stark white wreath.  It was very pleasing to the eye.

     After adding the white satin ribbon and the red grosgrain ribbon for a hanger and crafting a bow from them, the wreath was hung in the dining room.  As I made a few colorful flowers,  placed them on the wreath and stood back to look at them, I realized the simplicity of the little red heart alone was my preference.  Sometimes you have to know when to stop.  It’s like a painting; add too much and you have ruined it.


   This 16″ wreath ended up taking 400 of the 3-inch circle cutouts.  (Click here for my earlier post and complete instructions.)   There are machines that will cut those out, but these were cut out with ordinary scissors, two at a time.  It was a lot of cutting, but didn’t it come out cute?

    The heart was just made from red felt.  I cut a pattern out of paper and cut two heart shapes from the red felt.  Then I sewed a blanket stitch around the perimeter with embroidery floss, leaving a 2-inch opening.  A little bit of batting was stuffed into the heart before sewing the opening closed with the blanket stitch.  A little bow was hot glued at the top of the heart.


   The heart was just attached with a straight pin pierced through the back of the heart and into the felt of the wreath.  That will make it easy to remove if I decide to change the decorations.


    The sharp contrast of the bright red of the heart was so eye catching on the white wreath, I started thinking how pretty it would be to add some of those velvety red poinsettias for a Christmas wreath.  Hmm.  I think it would make a beautiful striking combination.


   Sophie has already asked if I would make a wreath like this for her bedroom in an aqua color!  While I agreed to do it, we agreed it would not be as big as this one!    To pin this post, click here ►Ruffled Felt Valentine Wreath.


   If any of you are inspired to make your own, please share a picture on Visitor’s Posts on ‘MyHumbleHomeandGarden’s’ Facebook page.◄


  This is such an easy wreath to make, but it does take a little while.  The hardest part was cutting enough circles from the felt!  Although this ruffled felt Valentine wreath took some work, I am really pleased with the results.





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Make Your Own Beautiful Ruffled Felt Valentine Wreath

Make Your Own Beautiful Ruffled Felt Valentine Wreath
 February 2, 2016

Ruffled Felt Valentine Wreath – Part 1

      Make Your Own ‘Beautiful Ruffled Felt Valentine Wreath’!  It is so easy and gorgeous!  I love the texture the folded felt circles give.  It reminds me of the cockscomb flowers!   This picture was supposed to be of the finished project, but taking care of my little grandbaby took precedence this weekend.  Pictures of the finished wreath will be posted tomorrow.


   In truth, this has been a vision in my mind for awhile.  The original vision was a heart shaped wreath.  Alas, no heart-shaped forms were at any of my usual craft haunts.  There must have been a run on heart wreaths since it is so close to Valentine’s Day.  Dang!

   Regroup.  I settled on a round form.  Perhaps it is sour grapes rationalization, but I considered that by removing the eventual colorful felt decor for Valentine’s Day, this wreath could be used for other holidays, too.  A snowman could be added at Christmas, or maybe a white owl.  Maybe even some red, white, and blue decorations and a flag for the 4th of July!


   This wreath is not one to begin if you have little or no patience.  I began by cutting out 125 three-inch circles from the white felt.  As you can see in the picture, 125 three-inch circles will cover about a third of the wreath form.  It takes some time to cut the circles out neatly, but it is worth it!  


   Each of the little stacks shown in the picture contains 25 felt circle cutouts.  This is how I kept track of how many are being used for the project.


  For this project, you will need a styrofoam wreath form.  (This one is 16″ in diameter.)  About one hundred fifty 3-inch circles can be cut from 1 yard of the 72″ wide felt.  For a wreath this size, it takes about 2-1/2 yards of 72″ wide felt.  Don’t even think about using the little felt squares!

   You will also need a hot glue gun, scissors, straight pins, and a little screwdriver to push the pins in securely.                                                                               

    Make a 3″ round template from paper and cut out the first round.  It’s easier to use the felt cutout as a template.  The felt round sticks to the felt fabric and makes it easier to cut around.


   Cut out the 3 ” rounds.  To begin adding them to the wreath form, fold one of the circle cutouts in half.

Fold one side in 1/3 of the half circle and then fold the back side in 1/3 of the way, in the opposite direction.


    Open the fold on one side of the angle at the base and place a dab of hot glue there.  Squeeze together, open the other side and glue there, too.

    With a straight pin, pierce through all the layers of the felt where you just glued, and attach to the wreath form, as shown in the picture.

   To save my fingers, and push the pin head securely into the wreath, a little screwdriver was used.


 Turn the folded circles in different directions as you pin them to the wreath.  

   You can see the progression as each stack is used.

   This part of the project goes pretty quickly.


  So I guess the big reveal will be tomorrow.  Can’t wait to get this one finished!

   To pin this, click here ►DIY Ruffled Felt Valentine Wreath.

   Come back tomorrow to see how to finish and Make Your Own Beautiful Ruffled Felt Valentine Wreath!  (Click here ►Part 2)



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How To Make A Valentine Heart From Wine Corks

How To Make A Valentine Heart From Wine Corks
 January 27, 2016

Valentine Heart

    Last week, I scanned Pinterest to find ‘How To Make A Valentine Heart From Wine Corks’.  Checking out several sites gave me some information on how to go about this.  Not all information you find on the internet is that good.  In the end, I came up with an easier option that seemed to work well.


   Sophie and I drew a heart shape on freezer paper and we tried to glue the corks together.  On one of the sites, it was suggested to use a hot glue gun. Yeah, that did not work so well.  After we had glued the perimeter, we picked the wreath up and the thing fell apart in several places!  The hot glue did not hold.  Maybe I have inferior hot glue?


   Using the outline on the freezer paper did not work very well either.  Even though I thought I was being very careful to follow the edge, one cork went all wonky and the outline was not right.  Okay, looking at the picture, maybe more than one went wonky!  The heart was misshapen.


   Sophie had to go home and I left this project on the counter in frustration.  For several days, it taunted me.  Feeling defeated, I was about to toss the whole mess.

  Then, I had an epiphany.  Why not use the heart -shaped cake pan?

First, I lined it with Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil.  Then, using Aleene’s Tacky Glue, I began to glue the outside row together, following the shape of the pan.   Note that the end of the cork pointing up is the end the bottle opener punctured.  The bottom side will be flat, ( the corks are not all the same length or diameter) and will be flat with no holes from the opener.

  This seemed to be working well! That is when I decided to make a heart- shaped decoration for the mantel instead of the wreath.



   As the corks were added, some had to have a line of glue applied to two, three or four sides, when the corks butted up together.  Adding one at a time, I filled the entire cake pan and waited for a half hour for the glue to completely dry.


   Then, the pan was turned over and released.   The heart shape looked great!  This worked so much better!


   The next step was painting.I decided to paint only the tops of the wine corks, which took no time at all.  Light ivory by Ceramcoat was painted on with a small stiff hog bristle brush.


   After the paint dried, Mod Podge was quickly painted on over the ivory paint and clear glitter was poured on top of the Mod Podge, acting as a glue.  


To pin this post, click here ►Valentine Heart from Wine Corks.


    Not that there is an abundance of these in my humble home, but I have also come up with some clever, cheap tricks with wine corks!  Awhile back, I was placing one of the potted orchids in an urn.  The orchid was too low.  I racked my brain to think of something that would raise the pot just enough.  The idea of gluing wine corks together, to create a lift, came to my mind.


   It worked perfectly!  This little trick has been implemented many times in my home.  It also works for those items on top of cabinets.  Sometimes just a little lift is needed to see the item perfectly.  These corks can easily be glued together with Tacky Glue to make whatever size is needed.


   I hope this post on How to Make a Valentine Heart With Wine Corks inspires you to create something beautiful, too.





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