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  Welcome to My Humble Garden

   Below are some of the beautiful flowers and plants in the yard and garden.  You’ll also find some easy DIY projects, which help transform the garden!  A little bit of information is included about the plants and how they came to be in the garden here in Kentucky.  I hope you enjoy the pictures, which I lovingly take myself.

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Burlap Planter Liner

DIY Burlap Planter Liner

For this super easy project you’ll need a package of 4″ cable ties, scissors, and one yard of burlap for each planter, depending on size.

The Garden - DIY Burlap Planter Liner on
Burlap Planter Liner – Materials

First, I folded the yard of burlap in half creating a double layer of the burlap.  Then I found the middle of the long edge, matched it to the center of the planter in the front, and placed the burlap in the planter.   I wanted the front to have a little rise of fabric, so I held it there and attached the first cable tie right in the middle of the front.  Working on the front first, I attached cable ties, straightening as necessary.

The Garden - Burlap Planter Liner on
Burlap Planter Liner – 1st Step

Then I worked on the back in the same way, except I kept the fabric below the horizontal rod, as you can see in the picture.  I had thought about trimming the ties, but instead just pushed them down toward the bottom of the planter, as you can see.

The Garden - Burlap Planter Liner on
DIY – Burlap Planter Liner Step 2

After attaching the cable ties in the front and back, I manipulated, gathered and folded the ends, until they looked good on the outside and threaded the ties through the layers to hold the burlap firmly in place.

The Garden - Burlap Planter Liner on
DIY – Burlap Planter Liner – Step 3

Once the liner is attached with the cable ties all around the top and then filled with the soil, the burlap fits snugly up against the metal columns.  I also line the bottom with disposable diapers, which I think helps keep moisture in the planter.  What an easy project!  The burlap cost about six dollars and the cable ties were two dollars.

The Garden - Burlap Planter Liner on
DIY – Burlap Planter Liner – Step 4
The Garden - Burlap Planter Liner on
Easy DIY Burlap Planter Liner

Annabelle Hydrangea

The retaining wall edging our patio, both of which Dave built, is topped by a wall of Annabelle hydrangea.   When we were planning the retaining wall I envisioned a beautiful wall of cascading hydrangea atop it.

The Garden - Wall of Annabelle Hydrangea on
Wall of Annabelle Hydrangea

Before the wall was even finished, I ordered these Annabelle hydrangea plants from Bluestone Perennials.  They arrived and were not much more than a sprig, but in no time they were good sized plants.  They even bloomed the first year!

In the next couple of years, the plants had completely filled the area and you couldn’t tell where one plant ended and another started!   The flowers create a wall of privacy for our patio and they are beautiful, too.

I love these flowers!

Bicolored Daylily

   Is this daylily gorgeous or what?  It is beautiful on a sunny day but just add raindrops!  Raindrops on flowers are such a beautiful thing to capture with the camera!  This big daylily was purchased at a local garden center, which is no longer in business, but this flower is thriving in the garden.  This is another perennial that is pretty much care free.

The Garden - Bi-colored Daylily on
Bi-Colored Daylily


Old Pink Roses

The Garden - Old Pink Roses on MyHumbleHomeandGarden.comA few years ago, my mother-in-law gave me a start of this old rose.  The blossoms are so fragrant!  The rose plant seems to be thriving in my garden, with absolutely no care.  I actually have to cut back some of the new starts so it doesn’t take over the bed where it is planted.


Purple Salvia

Purple Salvia on My Humble Home and   This was just such a pretty purple color and the structure was appealing.  I picked this plant up at a garden center and nestled it in the middle of some day lilies and hostas.  The texture of the leaves on this carefree perennial are different and kind of rough.   The butterflies seem to love the flowers.



Red Asiatic Lilies

Red Asiatic Lily on My Humble Home and Aidan and Sophie gave these Asiatic lilies to me for Mother’s Day three years ago.  These are planted on the east side of the house and have done really well there.

   Last year they had doubled, but this year they have grown even more and are loaded with beautiful red blossoms.

Yellow Asiatic Lilies

True lilies grow from plump scaly bulbs and are very hardy perennials.  I planted these in the ground on the southwest corner of the house and do very little to care for them.  They have multiplied and look more beautiful each year.

Dragon Lore

Dragon Lore Daylily on My Humble Home and

Dragon Lore is a daylily with a beautiful red flower and green throat, which grows 23″ tall and the blooms are 6″ wide.  This one just bloomed here in Kentucky today, 23 June 2014.


Pink Double Knock Out Rose

The Garden - Pink Double Knockout Rose on

This pink Knockout rose was given to me for Mother’s Day about three years ago.  It blooms profusely with at least four to six hours of full sun.   It has the most beautiful pink blossoms for the entire summer.


Monarda – commonly called ‘Bee Balm’

Watch from bud to blossom.

The Garden - Bee Balm on   First stage of the Flower Blossom Explosion!

  The bud begins to open slightly.                   The Garden - Bee Balm on!

Butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds love the bee balm in my garden, but the leaves and flowers can also be made into tea.  Monarda is part of the mint family.The Garden - Bee Balm on

The fuschia color is more noticeable.   The bumble bees especially love this plant, but it gives me great joy to watch the progression of the blooms, from bud to blossom. The Garden - Bee Balm on

The bud begins to open slightly.   It is like an explosion in slow motion!

The Garden - Bee Balm on

The Garden - Bee Balm on

The color begins to transform as the petals open more…

The Garden - Bee Balm on

The color deepens and the blossom explodes with this beautiful fuschia color!

Hopefully, these pictures give you some idea of the progression, but it is so much more fun to watch in the garden!

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