Blooming Flowers

May 7, 2015

    Each day, there are more blooming flowers and the lavender irises are beginning to bloom right now.  It’s amazing how there are so many buds that show up over night and then in a short time there is an explosion of color in the flower beds.  There are pockets of lavender irises throughout the backyard.  The lavender color brings a harmony to the view, which I love.

    We also have a new iris that is purple and white.  David found it along the railroad tracks in a ditch, apparently the remains of a house and garden that once was nearby.  He called and asked if I would want it.  Of course, I did.  I thought it would be a nice addition to the lavender and the huge deep purple irises, which we already have.  It is close to blooming!  Maybe today will be the first bloom.  I am anxious.

    The “Pink Champagne” clematis is blooming and doing really well!  Last year the bunnies cut it off at the ground and I was absolutely sick over it.  Will’s girlfriend, Alex, gave it to me for Mother’s Day and I thought the rabbits had killed it.  Fortunately, before long it had new shoots and was soon vining up the trellis again.

    This spring, Dave fashioned a little wire fence around the base of the plant to protect against the rabbits.  It is looking really good right now.  I was so excited to see the first bloom, the bloom on the left, but it was peeking out behind some leaves. That shy little bloom did not make the best photo.  Then this little bloom opened up yesterday.  I love the bright fuschia color.  The little flower blooms are only about four inches across, which is smaller than most of the clematis I have seen.  It is just delicate and beautiful.

   The azaleas continue to bloom and this little bumblebee seemed to be enjoying the blossoms, as he flew from one to another.  He seemed completely undaunted by my presence and the camera inches away from him.

    Visiting Showplace Garden Center this last week, I came across these gorgeous petunias!  They absolutely look black when they first bloom!  Then they reveal the deepest of dark purples as the sun shines on them.  This variety is called ‘Surprise Midnight Cowboy’. 

   The black petunias look so beautiful next to the ‘Lanai Bright Eye’ verbena.  It is such a beautiful contrast, the bright pink and lighter edges of the verbena next to the deep purple, black of the petunias.  When I saw these two together, it absolutely took my breath away!  I had to have them! 

  The third flower in the pot is ‘Callie Pink with Eye’ Calibrachoa, which is a tiny flower that looks like a petunia.  Obviously, it is pink and has a yellow center.  They are not blooming yet but do have buds.  When they all are blooming together, it really is just breathtakingly beautiful!  

   This is one of the two pots at the sidewalk entry to the backyard.  Both pots have the same flower combination.  I can’t wait until they are loaded with blooming flowers!

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