Happy Mother’s Day and The Best Steak Ever!

May 11, 2015

     Dave took me to Indianapolis for Mother’s Day weekend, where I had a happy Mother’s Day and the best steak ever! He wanted me to see the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the old Union Station building.  He worked for the railroad for almost forty years and finally retired last year.  He clearly has an appreciation for anything railroad, although he would not admit that.

   While keeping the integrity of the building, they have created a beautiful hotel in the heart of downtown.  It is easy to walk to a variety of great restaurants.  The convention center is just across the street or accessible through the skywalk.  The skywalk also leads to Lucas Oil Stadium.

    Throughout the hotel were these white statues, reminiscent of the past.  The conductor looking at his watch, a man having his shoes shined by a young boy, and a sailor lighting his cigarette were just a few of them.  It was so interesting to see these statues and easily imagine that people dressed like this actually frequented the Union Station at one time.  It definitely gives a feel of the past.

   The building is lit through the night, but I could imagine the halls in darkness and one of those statues looking eerily like a ghost from the past.


   The staff at the Crowne Plaza was very friendly, courteous and helpful.  It was such a nice place to stay.

   We ate dinner at the Ruth’s Chris Steak House.  It was just a short walk from the hotel.  Oh, my gosh!  The food was beyond delicious!   The waiter suggested a lobster appetizer, which we were coaxed into pretty easily.   They were little puffs of goodness with just a little kick of heat. My favorite steak is filet mignon.  This was the best filet mignon I have ever had in my life!   

No, there was no room for dessert.  

    Dave grills steaks from Sam’s Club on our grill at home.  There are not many restaurants around here with better tasting-steaks than ours.  Well, Ruth’s Chris Steak House steak was so good, I kept trying to figure out how they made those so much better.  

    I started looking for a copycat recipe when I got back home.  There was one, which had to be purchased, but I found a few that were free and seemed to agree with the same process and the same ingredients.    You can find one here, ►Copycat Recipe for Filet Mignon, and it was free.

    I remember the waiter warning us about the plates being five hundred degrees and we should be careful not to touch them.  The butter was sizzling on the plate.  (I wish I had one in front of me right now!)  It seems, from what I can gather, that the secret is the broiler and butter!  A teaspoon and a half of butter rubbed over the top and bottom of the steak was key to the amazing flavor.  The oven-safe serving plates are heated in the oven through the pre-heat and broiling of the steaks, too.  Then another tablespoon of butter placed on the extremely hot plate, which should sizzle until completely melted.  The steaks are then placed on the plates and fresh parsley sprinkled on the meat and on the butter around it.

    Here is hoping you had a happy Mother’s Day!   Dave treated me to a memorable happy Mother’s Day and the best steak ever!


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