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October 7, 2015

    Last week the thought of fresh peach cobbler came to my mind.  Since I was busy working on projects in the house, Dave offered to go to the store.  He was asked to stick to the list, not that that is ever a problem…  Peaches were not on the list.  He called from the store.  It seems they had fresh peaches and he wanted to know if I had time to make a cobbler. Then he needed to know how many I needed for it.

 Peach Cobbler on

   Typically, I would use six to eight peaches.  When I told him that, he had an element of surprise in his voice.  “Six to eight?”

   When he returned home I knew why.  These peaches were monsters!  I have never seen peaches this big!  It only took three of these monsters to make the peach cobbler.  Three peaches made six cups of peeled and sliced peaches!  It was actually difficult to hold them and peel them!


   Since I was working on dinner and the peach cobbler, Dave went to pick up the grandkids from school.  On the way home, Dave was telling them that I was making peach cobbler.  Apparently, he was wanting this peach cobbler pretty badly.  Sophie and Aidan were asking him exactly what peach cobbler was.  He explained it was made of peaches and was baked like a pie.


   When they all came into the kitchen, the smell of the cobbler was apparent.  Aidan went straight to the stove and looked through the glass of the oven door.  He questioned, “How can that be a pie if there is no crust?”


   I asked if he knew what “cobble up” meant.  He did not.  I explained to him that to cobble up, is to put something together roughly, or hastily.  Someone at some time didn’t have enough time to roll out dough to make a pie and so they just put sweetened biscuits on the top of fruit and baked it.  He just wasn’t too sure about this cobbler.


   After two bowls of our easy homemade chili, he decided he would try it.  After a couple of bites, he was no longer wary.  Actually, he had a second helping!  Sophie, who is a dessert lover, needed no convincing!


   Side note here, Aidan is the biggest fan of my homemade chili.  He tells me it is the best and this little fellow warms my heart!  


    Along with a couple of my tips, here, you can find the recipe for ►fresh peach cobbler.


   Although this fresh peach cobbler can be hastily made, it is a delicious and rather hearty dessert!

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