Isn’t This Easy DIY Melted Snowman Tablescape Adorable?

September 26, 2016

Melted Snowman Tablescape

      Isn’t This Easy DIY Melted Snowman Decoration Adorable?  The plan for this Snowman Tablescape has been on my mind for several years.  I saw the idea for this in a magazine and sketched the idea in one of my ‘idea notebooks’.  

    The snowman hat I made in an earlier post was the beginning of this little project.  The hat ended up being about 4″ high and 7″ wide.  My first intent was to make a larger hat for this display to be used on the kitchen table.  Then, finding the corncob pipe was difficult.

   Dave remembered seeing some at the local liquor store and he picked one up for me.  Well, this little pipe is only 3-1/2″ long.  It seems to be the perfect size for this little hat!  So, the original idea was downsized a little. 

   Since we have no coal for his eyes, I found a couple of rocks and simply painted them with black spray paint.  I deliberately chose more angular rocks to look more like coal.  Coal is not smooth and round. 

   Like Frosty, he also has a button nose.  This button was one my grandmother had in her button box, which I inherited!  It coordinates perfectly with the plaid flannel fabric. 

   A couple of snowflakes were cut from white felt and added to the arrangement.  I just cut out a ‘simple’ snowflake and pinned it to the felt.  Then, cut around the snowflake pattern. 

   The scarf was made from a plaid flannel.  It was very simple to make.  You could also use a store bought one, but this is a perfect size.

 Scarf “How To”

   To make the scarf, cut a piece of fabric 8-1/2 inches wide across the width of the fabric.  The fabric is 45″ wide.  The finished scarf will be about 45″ long and 7-1/2″ wide.  This plaid fabric was woven with different colors of thread.  All I needed to do to make a straight line was to cut following one of the lines in the fabric. 

    Fold both long edges up 1/2″ and press with a steam iron.  Then fold the loose edge in half and press again.     Cut off the selvage edge on both ends of the fabric.

    Stitch 3/4″ from the end of the scarf, catching in the folded edges.  The fringe will be made by removing cross-threads.  (I waited to stitch the long hems on the side until the fringe was made.)



    After the fringe is made, edge stitch the folded and ironed 1/4″ hems on both long edges.   If you are using a regular sewing foot, here’s a trick to keep the hem flat and not puckered.  Every 3-4″, let the needle down penetrating all three layers of the fabric.  The needle holds the fabric in place.  Lift the presser foot, straighten, and re-position the fabric around the needle.  

   You should see that the bottom fabric was beginning to be pulled through the feed a little faster than the top fabric.   Using this trick will assure that both sides of the fabric will be even at the end of the stitching.

    There is a foot for your sewing machine called the ‘walking foot’, which has top feed dogs, too.  This eliminates that problem.   Have you ever had this problem?  I seriously need to buy one of those, but this trick has served me well for years!


   This display may be changed a little before Christmas Eve this year.  Thinking of adding some sticks for arms or maybe some mittens I’m planning to make from burlap.  But, seriously, isn’t This Easy DIY Melted Snowman Decoration Adorable?




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