Romantic Valentine Mantel To Love and Inspire You!

Romantic Valentine Mantel To Love and Inspire You! on

This “Romantic Valentine Mantel To Love and Inspire You” was created in no time.  A white “Love”  wall word sign at Michael’s caught my attention and that was the main inspiration for this mantel.  In my mind, I envisioned a white display with red pops of color. 

Remember the Valentine wreath I made a couple of years ago?  (Instructions here!)   That was to be one of the key elements in this display.  It is incredibly easy to make one of these felt wreaths and they look so GORGEOUS!

As I was removing the Christmas pieces from the mantel, I considered leaving the white trees.  After all, it is still winter right?  The ornament garland, which was made for the Christmas mantel, looked so pretty, I hesitated to take it down.  It is red, white, silver, and gold and the desire to leave it up was pretty strong.  Not one to fight my instincts, I left it up to see how it would go with the finished mantel display.  Who says these ornaments are just for Christmas anyway?

Well, I took down the black clock and replaced it with the white felt Valentine wreath.  I wanted to use the little sock snowman for this Valentine display.  The little snowman looked pretty cute next to the white trees.

Romantic Valentine Mantel To Love and Inspire You! on

One little snowman was not enough, so, I made three more in no time.  I had bought red coordinating socks for this.  If you are not taking pictures of each step and making sure the pictures are all good, these little snowmen can be made in just minutes!  (Snowman Instructions.)

One snowman was made with one of the lady’s socks.  The snowman in the picture on the left is the same size as the first snowman made, which was also made with a lady’s sock.  The snowman on the right was made from a child’s sock.  I made two of these smaller ones.  The hats for those were also made from child’s size socks. Romantic Valentine Mantel To Love and Inspire You! on

A couple of felt flowers were added to the red felt heart with the white blanket stitches.  These were quickly sewn together and if you notice, they were just secured with a straight pin with a round yellow head.

I like the addition of the flowers and am contemplating making more of these to add to the wreath.Romantic Valentine Mantel To Love and Inspire You! on

Oh!  I love the ornament garland with the Valentine display!  And, so it stays to enjoy for a few more weeks.  These items are all things that I LOVE!  Isn’t that perfect for a romantic Valentine mantel?


Romantic Valentine Mantel To Love and Inspire You! on


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