Love Balance? Cut Your Table In Half!

Love Balance? Cut Your Table In Half!

February 6, 2017

|   Don’t you love balance? symmetry?  While “Create Balance… Cut your table in half!”, might sound a little contradictory, it makes perfect sense.   On our fireplace wall, we have a beautiful ledge, which holds some decorative items, old books, etc.  The fireplace is a light colored brick and in order to create balance, so the top wouldn’t seem so heavy, the lower wall needed something.

   It just so happened that we had a card table, which we had previously used as a kitchen table in our first apartment.  That table, which was relegated to the basement, gave me an idea.  After measuring it, I found it to be a perfect size.  Fortunately for me, it had a leaf at one time so I did not actually have to cut the table in half.   I merely disassembled it, removed the hardware and created matching half tables for each side of the fireplace.

   I cut a 2″ X 4″ to fit neatly under the table for support, leveled it, and then attached it to the wall.  Using a stud finder I located the studs and made sure the screws were long enough to go into the studs in the wall.  (Holes, a little smaller than the diameter of the screws, were drilled into the 2″ X 4″ to make it easier for the screws to be screwed into it.)

    Then I drilled two holes through the top of the table to accommodate two more drywall screws.  After positioning the table where I wanted it, those screws were screwed through the top of the table and into the 2″ X 4″.  This made the half-table pretty sturdy.

  Don’t have a table to cut in half or disassemble?  Lowe’s and Home Depot have wooden rounds up to 36″ in diameter, which could be cut in half.  (I know Lowe’s lumber department has a huge saw.  They charge a very small fee and they can cut these in half for you.)  They also have wooden legs available.   It would be really easy to just attach the legs and create your own half-tables.

    Next, I made a half tablecloth and coordinating topper.  The table and the fabric cloths created a great foundation for lamps, books and some decorative pieces.  

    Although I made these from scratch, it would be easy to take a regular tablecloth and cut it in half and hem the cut edge.  If you don’t sew, there is fusible hemming tape, which you can purchase at the fabric store. ► HeatnBond.

   For that matter, it wouldn’t have to be a rounded table.  Rectangular pieces of wood could be used just as easily.  A squared off tablecloth would be even easier to make.

    Two matching mirrors were added above the tables and some decorative items along with matching lamps were placed on the tables.

   This display added the much-needed weight and balance on that wall.

    In the picture on the left above, I blocked out the mirror and tables.  You can see what a difference those make on that wall.  They add a layer and depth to that room, which is needed.

    So, do you need matching tables beside your fireplace or your bed?  Maybe you should consider cutting your table in half, or just disassembling it!



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