Easy DIY Necklace Ideas

Easy DIY Necklace Ideas on MyHumbleHomeandGarden.com

Remember when choker necklaces were in style?  Well, they are back again and Sophie wanted some from the store.  We looked at the ones available at a department store.  They weren’t really that interesting.  They didn’t fit her correctly.  We decided to come up with our own easy DIY necklace ideas.

A quick trip to the fabric and craft store gave us a multitude of options.  It was hard for Sophie to narrow her choices but we finally decided on a few charms, choker with a buckle, (It looks like a tiny belt!), and some findings to add to ribbon which I already had in my stash at home.

We spent a little more than the cost of the 4 choker necklaces in the store but we had enough supplies to make several necklaces.  Sophie created her choker necklace while we drove to another store!  Taking the choker with the buckle, she added an arrow slide to it and voila!  No tools were needed and she has a few other slides, which she can trade out for a different look.  She chose the arrow slide and had an instant necklace which coordinated perfectly with her outfit!

Easy DIY Necklace Ideas on MyHumbleHomeandGarden.com

That was only one necklace.  The remaining necklace ideas we were planning needed a little more effort.  To get started making necklaces, there are a few tools you will need.  These are not very expensive and I wish I had bought these tools many years ago.  The jump ring on one of my favorite earrings broke somehow.  If I had known how simple it was to fix it, the earrings would have been repaired years ago!

Will’s girlfriend, Alex, and I took a jewelry making class at Michaels a couple of years ago and my eyes were opened.  If you can’t do that, you can find so many tutorials on the web today; knowledge is just a click away.  Don’t be intimidated!  You won’t believe how easy it is to make these little necklaces and they will fit you or your little girl perfectly!

I am not a professional at this.  Anyone can do it.  The more you practice, the better you will get!  Anyway, with just a few tools, you can make and repair all kinds of jewelry!  The following list is a good place to start.

Jewelry PliersEasy DIY Necklace Ideas on MyHumbleHomeandGarden.com

Chain-nose pliers, which are flat on the inside and round on the outside, are for holding small findings and pieces.  These are the pliers needed to open and close jump rings.

Curved chain-nose pliers are just like the regular chain-nose pliers but there is a bend in the nose to allow you to reach tighter spots.  

Round-nose pliers are for making wire loops. Because of the cone-shape of the jaws, these are not good for holding findings.

Crimping pliers with nylon jaws are great for crimping metal and avoiding marring or scratching.  They are also great for straightening wire.


You can find pliers at local craft stores or Amazon has jewelry tools, findings, and also sets of beginner jewelry tools  (We are an affiliate of Amazon.  If you purchase through this link, we will receive a small percentage at no cost to you.  Thanks for supporting this website!)

Easy DIY Necklace Ideas

In the ribbon stash at home, we had black velvet ribbon, which would work perfectly for a choker necklace. (There is a turquoise grosgrain that will be perfect, too.) We had purchased a bag of metal ribbon ends, which could be crimped onto the ends of the ribbon.  I measured Sophie’s neck and subtracted the length of the catch and the clasp in the back.  The crimped ends would overlap the ribbon.  There was no need to subtract that measurement.Easy DIY Necklace Ideas on MyHumbleHomeandGarden.com

The crimping pliers with the nylon jaws worked perfectly to tighten these down, catching the ends of the ribbon in the process.  A jump ring was used to connect the flat catch on the left and the lobster claw clasp on the right.

I was apparently so excited, I forgot to put the slide on before adding the second metal ribbon end.  Uh-oh! The slide would not slip over the ribbon ends.  Sophie now has a plain black velvet choker in addition to the one I made using a slide.  (Remember to slide on any slides before finishing off the second end!)

Jump rings are used to make chains and for attaching findings to jewelry.  These can be purchased or you can make your own. Jump rings are not soldered shut.  They can be opened and using two pairs of chain-nose pliers, (Two curved chain-nose pliers or a combination of chain-nose pliers and curved chain-nose pliers can be used.), that opening is opened more to attach two or more pieces or components of chain, beads, or charms together.  Then, the jump ring is closed.

Easy DIY Necklace Ideas on MyHumbleHomeandGarden.com

There is a proper way to close the jump ring.  With the opening of the jump ring facing up, grasp the jump ring on one side of the opening with the pliers.  (Grasp a large part of the ring with the pliers instead of just using the tips.)







With the other set of pliers, grasp the opposite side of the jump ring.

Easy DIY Necklace Ideas on MyHumbleHomeandGarden.com

Twist one side of the wire ring away from you and the other toward you.

Easy DIY Necklace Ideas on MyHumbleHomeandGarden.com

(Always twist open from front to back not side to side.  If you place the pliers on the ring as shown in the picture, you should be doing this correctly.)








Attach any components to the jump ring and twist the ring in opposite directions.

Easy DIY Necklace Ideas on MyHumbleHomeandGarden.com

Repeat the same twisting motion with the pliers.  Continue twisting back and forth and wiggling until the ends meet.  Don’t try to crimp it down with your pliers.  That will weaken the jump ring.  Twisting back and forth will work.
Easy DIY Necklace Ideas on MyHumbleHomeandGarden.com

We had some leftover chain from the octopus necklace we made for Sophie’s pirate costume last Halloween.  Sophie loves the octopus necklace!  Click here ► to see the picture in the post A Few Tips For A great Halloween Night.  So, we made this little elephant necklace, too.  To make this, you only need to know how to open and close jump rings!  How easy is that?Easy DIY Necklace Ideas on MyHumbleHomeandGarden.com

Sophie picked out these charms at the fabric and craft store.   (We are an affiliate of Amazon.  If you purchase through this link, we will receive a small percentage at no cost to you.  Thanks for supporting this website!)  We are planning to make earrings, too.  What a great time we had making necklaces!  I’m sure we will be making more of these this summer.  Maybe these easy DIY necklace ideas will inspire you to create some with your daughter, granddaughter, or maybe just for yourself!

Easy DIY Necklace Ideas on MyHumbleHomeandGarden.com

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