No Fear Paint Selection – Warm or Cool?

February 9, 2015

   No Fear Paint Selection – Warm or Cool?  Last week we talked about choosing the right color for your walls, by selecting the same depth of color.  There is another element, to selecting that color, which will make your choice even more foolproof.

   Pull out your color fan.  If you don’t have one, get one! You will be so glad you did!  Take it to the store with you when selecting your paint, your fabric, curtains, furniture, etc.  This fan has come in handy so many times!  It is so convenient to have all of the paint chips in your home and under your lights, instead of standing in a store trying to select a couple of cards with limited choices under completely different lighting!

   Obviously, you know that red and yellow are warm colors and blue is a cool color. Red, yellow and blue can also be warmer or cooler by adding color.

   Cool blue has more yellow and looks greener.  Add red and the blue is warmer.

   Open your color fan.   In this example, we are selecting a blue color.

   Fan out the blues so they are all visible.  You will notice on the right side the blues have more yellow undertones and look greener.  As you look to the left, the colors have more red pigment and begin to look violet.

   The same idea works for reds. Warm red colors have yellow in them. Cool red has more blue added.  Want a neutral color which will go with cool or warm?  Choose one from the middle section.

   Yellows work the same way.  If you want to have a nice background color which will go with cool or warm accessories, choose one of the paint colors in the middle.  Those colors are a nice neutral.  In other words, you should not have a problem with your things clashing with your paint color.

   Doesn’t that make sense?  How easy is that?  Make your paint color choice with no fear.


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